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The New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham was also spotted saying, “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” The reality of everyday life can certainly be challenging. However, who are the people designing and conceptualising these armours? Fashion designers would be the logical answer! However, the more pertinent topic here would be the role of fashion designers in influencing fashion!

Let’s take a peek into the investigation of the ever-changing role of fashion designers and understand where you fit in as a newly-minted fashion designer. Shall we?

Understanding the Role In Depth?

Investigating the Role of Fashion Designers and Brands (3)

The identity of a fashion designer is an ever-changing one, that’s what makes the job an exciting and lucrative one. In the 70s and 80s, a fashion designer was an agent of woman empowerment. Today, however, a fashion designer will identify as an individual that makes you feel authentic while making you look good and stylish.

It’s safe to say that the typical fashion designer description has evolved over the period. The definition of fashion is no longer limited to appearances only. People across the globe are placing an increasing emphasis on feeling authentic while looking good!

It is, therefore, upon the next-gen fashion designers to give their consumer base what they desire. That said, do you think a fashion designer should merely restrict himself to consumer behaviour when creating fashion?

Would that not bring a draught of originality, which has been the defining quality of the fashion industry?

What is the Role of Fashion Designers and Brands?

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The modern day fashion designer is no longer restricted to sketching the design of a gorgeous outfit. The industry demands a multifaceted approach to the manner fashion designers innovate and create today.

It would be difficult to define the precise role of a fashion designer. However, some core fashion designer responsibilities would be as follows.

Create and Ideate Fashion

The primary job of a fashion designer is, naturally, to conceptualise their contribution to fashion. That means a fashion designer’s creativity continues to be their greatest ally. However, to channel that creativity, a designer must be able to consolidate his thoughts to create an impact on consumers.

A thorough understanding of the clothing materials in the market can also prove beneficial in creating fashion that meets the demands of your consumers.

Collaborate with Third Parties

When we refer to third parties, we mean the intermediary party that takes a fashion concept and creates a product for the consumer. This is where a strong brand can be of particular value. Typically, designers create an idea and then pitch those ideas to brands.

If the brand appreciates its beauty, the brand slaps its name onto the product, prices it appropriately and sells it. A statistic worth remembering is that 81% of consumers would rather purchase clothes from a trusted brand.

Understand the Market

Creating a product that does not cater to the market’s sentiment is likely to end in disappointment. Therefore, being aware of the fashion trends and the preferences of your target demographic is absolutely crucial.

Once a fashion designer can grasp what his market demands, his innovation can choose a definite direction. Above and beyond the actual creation of a design, a fashion designer must also be able to market his product. Therefore, knowledge of advertising and marketing can go a long way in helping a design succeed in reality.

Inspire the Audience

A motivational speaker has the power of words to inspire his audience. A fashion designer has but his brain and hands. The ultimate role of a fashion designer is to inspire his target audience to dress well. Ideally, that would directly translate into success for his own design.

What Does the Job of a Fashion Designer Entail?

Investigating the Role of Fashion Designers and Brands (2)

A fashion designer in a job would be expected to carry out a number of responsibilities. A few of them have been listed below.

  • Researching about fashion trends in real-time
  • Conceptualising fashion designs on the basis of market sentiment
  • Creating original visual representations of fashion concepts
  • Choosing the proper fabrics for a particular piece of fashion
  • Coordinating with the supplier and manufacturer to ensure the desired level of quality for the selected price point
  • Budgeting for upcoming projects and seasonal issues
  • Building a network with influential fashion designers to further promote their own brand

The impact of branding cannot be neglected today. Being able to create visual aesthetics that symbolise the essence of your fashionista creation can make or break your product. The BVA full-time course offered by JD School of Design also emphasises on the core aspects of branding.

Final Words

The fashion industry is a ruthless one. Therefore, for you to gain perspective on the role of fashion designers is certainly beneficial. Given that the fashion market is constantly increasing, thanks to e-commerce websites, being able to sell a product is relatively easy.

However, as a fashion designer, merely boosting your sales should not be your ultimate goal. Creating originality and inspiring those that choose to wear your vision is what immortalises a fashion designer in the history books.

If you feel like you have a burgeoning fashion designer waiting for the right guidance, explore JD School of Design’s BSc in Fashion and Apparel Design! The 3-year undergraduate course collates the core fashion designer requirements and trains the students in becoming proficient fashion designers.

So, get on the fast track to your fashion ambitions today!