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DSC6025 tede mede art - DSC6025 - Jediiians Participate in Bingo Tede Mede Art

Jediiians Participate in Bingo Tede Mede Art

Bingo Tede Mede Art tede mede art - image001 28 - Jediiians Participate in Bingo Tede Mede Art

The Tedhe Medhe Art, an initiative to curate talent from The Best Art and Design Schools in India, found the best Tedhe Medhe Art at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore The one-week contest opened for all the students created an extravagant 3D art instillation using Bingo Tedhe Medhe collets on the theme, the 50 Years Of Indian Cinema And Incredible India.

The two groups of students kept on posting the concept inspired from different aspects of the Indian Cinema such as Famous Indian Movies, Famous Songs, And Famous Dialogueson social media platforms with tagging Tedhe Medhe. The students had fun with creating a portrait of the Famous Actors from The Last 50 Yearssuch as Amitabh Bachan, Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna with the Bingo Tedhe Medhe collets. They even showed a timeline of the Indian Moviessuch as like Mother India, An Encounter with faces, Salaam Bombay, Lagaan, Little Terrorist, etc with recreating the action movies fighting scenes with actor and villain with Tedhe Medhe collets.

The contestants showed the diversity of Art and Culture on Indian Mapwith Tedhe Medhe collets and some even replaced popcorn with Bingo Tedhe Medhe as a movie snack.

This opportunity gave the students to break their monotonous routine and let their inner talent and child come out.

3D Audio

50 Years of Indian Cinema

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Cine Bingo

Cinema through an eye

Fashion Illustration

Incredible India

Mother India

Rich taste


Women Oriented movie

DSC6025 tede mede art - DSC6025 - Jediiians Participate in Bingo Tede Mede Art

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