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Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022

Kidswear fashion trends are definitely taking a turn this year. More focused on the combination of handicrafts as well as a futuristic outlook on reverse technology, this 2022 the kids are going to be pulling off a techno look, and may just overrun all adult clothing lines. Here is a list of what 2022 kidswear clothing lines hold for our growing stars:

3D Decorative Crafts! 

With the wide use of 3D decorations has brought the ingenious idea to curate sweet, cute, chic, and innovative kidswear. Among these amazing innovative designs, there are six must-have 3D crafts for development. These are:

Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022
Fringed Edges
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022
Styling Decorations
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022
Dolled-Up Accessories
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022
Handmade Florals
  • Bowknots: In most kidswear clothing bowknots are widely used to add a sweet and chic touch to the apparel. And that addition, continues to make its statement in 2022.
  • Ruffles: The detailings of ruffled edges or ruffles collar is now to spread all over the apparel, adding a romantic, sweet and comfortable look to the overall dress.
  • Fringe Edges: This particular style has never been out of fashion since the 80’s and continues to rule even among our younger generations. Fringed edges on pants, sleeves and shoulders for a good city kid, is what the children are going to be acing this 2022.
  • Styling Decorations: Never a dull moment to watch the young ones run around with their matching hats and shoes, so another old school look, that is making its way back into the fashion industry and directling itself to the kids.
  • Dolled-up Accessories: Kids are kids, and so is their love for dolls and toys. So this 2022, kids are not just going to be carrying their matching bags, but also the matching toys that will be coming with their fit. Small stuffed toys hanging on the side of their skirts to hectic cars in their belts.
  • Handmade Florals: Handicrafts are always a desired option among both adults and kids. The handmade crochet and floral designs are going to be topping all other trends in 2022 among the kidswear category of clothing.
Amusement Park Style! 

Kids not only love amusement parks, but we as kids too wished to live there. Therefore this 2022, the amusements may be closed with the on-going pandemic, however, no worries, because the kids can now wear their amusement parks. The next upcoming trend of 2022 is the amusement park themed design development apparel collections. The checked board was initially used on the flags during car races due to its clear black-white tone, which was later seen in skateboard cultures. By the reinterpretations of brands, the checkerboard is being seen in day to day wear and high street fashion. The beautiful marriage of Op Art geometric shapes that penetrates into the inner senses to curate the spatial layers and catch hold of the orderly effect. The combinations of distorted shapes and color changes arise from the playfulness of old-time Amusement Park.

Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022The word ‘Interpretation’ is used with the endless energy, which involves the various kinds of modern arts and forces the fashion labels to attempt their hands in the aesthetic subvert tradition. When the era of amusement parks collides with information of the new age, a new world of entertainment emerges. The contrasting bright colors are used widely in order to form the intense visual impact. Checkerboard elements are well integrated into the background of the amusement park with the help of Op Art. The checkerboard colors are matched with that of the building blocks in order to create the perception of color and the visual stimulation logic. Bringing together the festivals of autumn and winter, the entertainment of theme parks is transferred to the monotony of checkerboard and displays playful kidswear.

Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022In this theme of trend, the most widely used element is ‘Extravagant’. The bow is oversized, the exaggerated ruffles, and 3D curved pockets break the visual fatigue and bring about a fresh new look.

Childhood Overcoats, For A Dramatic Look!
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022 8
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022

Oversized overcoats are never out of style, even for the kids

Overcoats have always been worth the spend regardless of season, whether autumn or winter, and the conventional silhouettes have not only been redesigned but also seen an evolution. The silhouette of the overcoat for 22/23 is going to be mainly remaining in its conventional and present form for a fashionable and minimalistic feel. Though there may not be any changes in the overall design of the silhouette, there will be detailing changes that will be added on the waist and layering which is also the keypoint of the trend. The loose A-line coat is a versatile O-line coat which provides the kid with the ultimate comfort with the mock-layers, belted bathrobes, style coats, and the neat H-line coat which add a decorative language to the silhouette.

Frankygrow, Bringing in the Fashionista for the Kids!
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022

Frankygow kidswear collection this 2022 is going to be a game changer

A brand, for both adults and kids, that is developed based on the concept of ‘Simple Pop’. The designer of the brand created a fusion that is seemingly contrasting the concept of simple and trendy elements together. The 3D effect is represented with the help of color applications and special fabrics. The uniqueness of the black and white and white checks with the variation in the size are spliced together to make the clothing to form a dimensional and cute form.

Knits For The Kids!
Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022

Knitwear is what is trending in Autumn Winter’22 for the kids

One of the most important categories of the autumn/winter season is the knitwear featuring detailed crafts. A sense of elegance is built on the asymmetrical patchwork, underlines that are individualized in the design, the rainbow stripes that are the echo of the colorful world of kids, and the addition of tassels strengthens the overall elegant look. As an important part of expressing knitwear, ruffles, 3D crochet, pastel gradient, heavy gauge cable and heterogeneous splicing will be incorporated.

Pattern is Definitely in Trend!

Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022Highlights that are a part of day-to-day life are discovered and refined by the artists to create artworks through their illustrations, graffiti, sculpture and various installations. Sarashina Mariko is a Japanese illustrator whose work is simple yet filled with fascinating details and interpretation of thoughts.

Kidswear Fashion is about to change course this 2022. From 3D decorations to simple knitwear, the kids will be on runway clothes, making their very own statement. Fashion or trend forecasting is one of the most important streams of work when it comes to the fashion industry.

Kidswear Fashion Trends 2022