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MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021-Thumbnail makeup trends - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021 Thumbnail - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!

Makeup Trends were a task to predict in 2020, not knowing what was coming at us, but makeup influencers and artists turned tables when we entered 2021. Makeup was a never easy prediction; people could either go towards the `Less is more’ or `Heavy Glam’. Though both options are always available- you can choose your own makeup journey. When face masks became mandatory, it was easy to say, eye makeup would prevail and pave the path to a new trend. Here are the Makeup Trends of 2021:


`Expressions speak louder than words’ was proved right when face masks became mandatory, which inspired makeup influencers and makeup artists to experiment with eye makeup. Neon coloured graphic eyeliner looks were bought back from the 60’s and 90’s and was given a modern twist. Eyeliners stood out among all other eye makeup, as using different colours to match outfits or even masks prevailed. Mascaras are also used in different colours, either with eyeliners or eyeshadow. The `floating liner’ look that was brought in by Ariana Grande in one of her songs, became one of the most popular looks so far.

Expressive Eyes 1 makeup trends - Expressive Eyes 1 - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!
Expressive Eyes 2 makeup trends - Expressive Eyes 2 - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!

As eyes became expressive, the skin became natural. Dewy and highlighted skin that showed off freckles and moles, keeping the skin natural was the new `full coverage’. A little bit of highlighter, foundation along with your favourite moisturizer works its way to a natural looking skin. Many brands like Fenty Beauty and Chanel have created their foundation formula to enhance the natural skin making it look like there is no foundation on. The natural foundation look has become one of the most used base looks for vibrant eye makeup.

Natural Foundation 2 makeup trends - Natural Foundation 2 - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!
Natural Foundation 1 makeup trends - Natural Foundation 1 - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!

The `Glass Skin’ is one of the most trending base foundation. To attain the perfect glass skin it is important to have minimal or no textures on your face, that is pimples and acne. You can achieve the basic and simple glass skin by prepping your skin well with skin care products in the following order- cleanser, toner, sunscreen, serum, dewy foundation– making sure to use all cream products to keep the look glassy and finished with setting spray.

Glass Skin 1 makeup trends - Glass Skin 1 - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!
Glass Skin 2 makeup trends - Glass Skin 2 - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!

Apart from eyeliners, vibrant eyeshadow palettes have also been extensively used for new eye makeup looks. The most used eyeshadow palettes are the matte finish ones that give a beautiful finish to a natural look especially for cut crease and graphic eye makeup.  The beauty industry pay an ode to the 90’s with colours like tan, sage green, pistachios, and baby blues. Soft pastel makeup looks with these matte finish colours are the best compliments to natural foundation bases.

Uplifting Eyes 1 makeup trends - Uplifting Eyes 1 - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!
Uplifting Eyes 2 makeup trends - Uplifting Eyes 2 - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!

We all know, face masks and makeup are never a good combination. No matter how much you bake your face with powder and setting spray, your lipstick and blush leave back product on your face mask. In order to avoid this, during quarantine, the beauty industry came up with the lip and cheek tint, which will stay on for 10 to 12 hours. Lip and cheek tint have a variety of colour options that will compliment your complexion. Cheek stains, however cannot be added over makeup but using a cream blush will also give you the natural look. Cheek stain can be used before applying the foundation. So now, you can achieve the perfect `No Makeup’ makeup look.

Lip and cheek Tint 1 makeup trends - Lip and cheek Tint 1  - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!
Lip and Cheek Tint 2 makeup trends - Lip and Cheek Tint 2 - MAKEUP TRENDS OF 2021: LESS IS MORE!

Makeup trends will continue to evolve no matter where the world heads. In 2020 the makeup industry took a big hit, 2021 they got back stronger with new and improved products and looks that fit the requirements today. To use these products you must know the basics of makeup which is taught in our Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry Courses. It’s never too late to learn and experiment with makeup!