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Modern abstraction a homage to satish gujral Thumbnail

Designers: Sujini & Alekhya

Modern abstraction – a homage to satish gujral

The collection aims to pay tribute to Mr. Satish Gujral by showcasing the artist’s unique style by contemporizing his paintings and applying them to garments through applique work. The collection is designed to appeal to individuals who appreciate contemporary art and fashion. The collection will feature a range of garments that incorporate applique work techniques, with each piece displaying a unique patchwork design inspired by one of Satish Gujral’s paintings. The color palette for the collection will be carefully chosen to complement the artist’s work, with bold and vibrant colors used to create striking contrasts. The overall design aesthetic will be focused on showcasing the artist’s distinct visual language.
The collection won the Jury Choice Award.

JDDA 2023