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Monsoon Hair Care Tips: Frizzy Who?

Monsoon means breezy showers and cloudy skies, yet it is a season of relaxation. A way of taking a break after a fun and hyped summer. Nonetheless, caring for the hair becomes an annoying task during the monsoon season. Similar to our skin, the hair is fragile and needs to be given extra attention as climate changes occur.

The most challenging season when it comes to hair care, is the monsoon. The hair tends to get sticky, frizzy, and in general just a big mess. Let’s not forget the excess hair fall issues that occur. However, there are remedies to control all these issues, especially hair fall and the creeping in dandruff. Here are some easy and simple hair care tips that can be followed during the monsoon season to avoid all these complicated hair problems and enjoy the season as it is meant to be:


1. Hot Oil MassageMonsoon Hair Care Tips: Frizzy Who?

Hair oil or oil in general do not fall under the preference of many. But this remedy not only is good for dry scalp but is also good for maintaining a frizz-free hair, especially during the monsoon. Slightly heat some oil and massage it into the scalp and hair an hour before washing the hair. The end result is glossy, silky, and most importantly no frizzy hair.

2. Shampoo + ConditionerMonsoon Hair Care Tips: Frizzy Who?

Everyone knows the generic thumb rule to wash your hair at least twice a week no matter what. Especially during the monsoon season. For this season it is best to choose an anti-bacterial shampoo and conditioner, as your scalp is more likely to turn into a home for fungal infections.Using a conditioner is a must as it will help tone down the frizzy and keep the hair smooth.The application of the conditioner can also be done using a comb to even out the product.

3. Keep Your Hair MoisturisedMonsoon Hair Care Tips: Frizzy Who?

Hair care is crucial during the monsoon, especially in regard to taming frizzy hair. Known as multi-taskers, serums are invented for all hair styles and solutions to many hair problems. They protect your hair from heat and add to which shine and volume. It’s best to lookout for hair serums that keep your hair hydrated and moisturised.

4. Hair Combing Matters TooMonsoon Hair Care Tips: Frizzy Who?

It’s a known fact that combing your hair while it’s still wet is a no-no. Doing so you are inviting split-end, especially if you have curly or wavy hair. It is recommended to wait until the hair is completely dry and then comb it using a finger comb to untangle the tangled hair. A wide toothed comb can also be used.

5. Avoid Styling AppliancesMonsoon Hair Care Tips: Frizzy Who?

Your hair is the most vulnerable during this season causing excessive hair fall. This can easily be avoided by not using any heat styling devices that may require extreme heat, like a straightener or curler. If you come across a situation where you have to use the heat styling methods, then make sure to have the right head protectants such as heat resistance spray that is enriched with vitamins and nutrients to keep the damage minimal.

6. Gear Up With Head ScarfsMonsoon Hair Care Tips: Frizzy Who?

Hair scarves not only make a fantastic hair statement but also protect your hair from the humidity that may be present in the weather that can cause either frizzy hair or weigh it down. It is best to have a head scarf or head gear while stepping out of the house during this season.

Monsoon season can be relaxing and fun, but with these hair tips they can also be one of the most style packed seasons. It is also important to make sure that the products you use on your hair regardless of season are beneficial to your hair as well as the environment. So choose your hair care products wisely.

Monsoon Hair Care Tips: Frizzy Who?