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Natural wood in interior design provides texture and warmth to a space. Most of us look into the color shades and looks of the laminate and finishes, we don’t pay attention to choosing the right core material for the design. We should be aware of the core materials and their physical properties while choosing the design.

The materials and the properties differ for every design. If you have a very limited budget for your design solid wood might be a good choice. There are a lot of choices for solid wood that are less costly and the finish of the material completely depends upon the skilled workmanship of the carpenter.

Wooden doors

The best application of solid natural wood in interior design would be door and window frames and other forms of structural wooden joinery that remain intact for a long time. There are different grades of solid wood that are available based on the overall budget that can be allotted to the woodwork. There are first and second quality products available in markets, some of the ideal solid wood materials are Teak, Paddock, Gong etc.

Natural wood
Wooden furniture

After choosing the right type of solid natural wood for your requirement it’s now time to choose the finish you require. There are different types of varnishes available in a lot of different wooden hues that match the grandeur and the richness that we are aiming for. Wooden paints are also a good option. These will last for a long time and when they fade over the years you can retouch them with another coat of finish and they are as good as new. This also provides the opportunity for you to re-imagine the look of your interiors.

Veneers are also another finish you can use to get the same look as a solid wood carpentry but without actual wood. These are thin sheets of wood of superior Quality. Thickness of veneers varies from 0.4 mm to 0.6 mm. Veneers are obtained by either peeling the trunk of the tree or by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood known as “flitches”.  The appearance of the wood grains comes from slicing through growth rings of the tree and also the angle at which the wood is sliced. They are obtained by rotating a log of wood against a sharp knife or rotary cutter saw. They are then dried in kilns to remove moisture. There are few types of veneers available in the market each serving a particular purpose.

Natural wood has been inherent to interior design and architecture due to its timelessness and durability. It is sustainable if it is sourced ethically and responsibly.

Authored By
Mr. Fayaz Mohemed M
Asst. Professor – Interior Design
JD Institute of Fashion Technology– Goa