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Oh Gagan Bagh A Tribute To Krishnadeva Raya (1)

Designer: Pooja Karwa

Oh Gagan Bagh – A Tribute To Krishnadeva Raya

Oh Gagan Bagh is a project that pays tribute to Krishnadev Raya at JD Design Awards. The project was curated by Pooja Karwa who has pursued her MSc in Interior Design from JD School of Design. India is a country with a rich heritage. It has multiple historic buildings lying vacant and unattended. To preserve the history and at the same use the buildings efficiently they can be reused. Heritage buildings are crucial since they symbolize and give glimpses from related past periods in time. Instead of destroying, they should be sustained since they are evidence of the people’s lifestyle and culture. A successful adaptation is one that respects the existing building and its historic context and adds a contemporary layer to the heritage building rather than destroying its structure. Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings if executed thoughtfully and effectively will help in creating a sustainable and healthy neighborhood. It can have a positive impact on Architecture in India.

JDDA 2023

Photography Credits: Prem Pandora, Sundar, Vasanth

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