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Old World Charm - A Tribute To Rural Haveli

Designer: Emmanuel Antonio Fernandes

Old World Charm – A Tribute To Rural Haveli 

The student of JD Schools of Design Goa, Emmanuel Antonio Fernandes who is pursuing his BSc in Interior Design has brought in unique solutions for various climatic conditions like heat and cold by creating a neutral structure, Old World Charm, which can be adaptable to both conditions. Havelis are known to exist in different parts of the country. They have emerged in response to prevailing harsh climate conditions to create ambient living conditions.
The designer’s idea was to create a restaurant and bar with a traditional material palette, designed in a way where the informal vibe is tweaked to create a semi formal space which also stays true to its culture.
For the project Old World Charm, the designer visited various other restaurants. He found them incompetent in tackling the problem of climatic conditions. The solution to these problems were resolved by haveli design where he curated the first floor as a restaurant that spells the old world charm of rural Havelis while the second floor has an open counter bar and dance floor.
According to the designer, Havelis represents the natural cultural charm of our country and that’s why the restaurant is mainly built using mud clay plaster (phuska) for the walls of the restaurant clubbed with mirror art. The designer has used mud clay pots for the ceiling of the open counter and dance floor which gives the vibe of rural part of the country which can also be termed as eco friendly products for the design. These materials also emit less harmful chemicals and can be reused or recycled.

Old World Charm - A Tribute To Rural Haveli
Old World Charm - A Tribute To Rural Haveli
Old World Charm - A Tribute To Rural Haveli

The color combinations are kept natural. In order to give an authentic vibe- red, brown and black shades are used. Old World Charm is being designed and located at the Easternmost part of Panaji which essentially caters to the local public, tourists and every age group.

Designed by Emmanuel Antonio Fernandes, the Old World Charm aims to deliver the vibe of an old rural village of the country to all the visitors. The designer also received the Best Execution award for this project from JD Design Awards 2023- Goa edition.

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It’s been a good experience working on my project. A few pieces of advice that I would like to give to my juniors is to always understand your concept, meet the deadline and believe in yourself to excel in JDDA.

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Emmanuel Antonio Fernandes

BSc in Interior Design, GOA

– By Spandana