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Opportunities Ahead! Fashion Designer Alert

The fashion industry isn’t limited to just the clothing you wear, it stretches far and wide, with the craft sector, accessories, decor, textiles and even more. Fashion Designers are adept with creative visualisation (as every idea begins with taking inspiration which can be then translated into any product, whether it is a physical apparel or an online styling app!). The Fashion Industry is expanding and there are tremendous opportunities for every budding Fashion Designer:

Opportunities Ahead! Fashion Designer Alert opportunities ahead! fashion designer alert - 1 - Opportunities Ahead! Fashion Designer Alert

  1. Become an Entrepreneur: As a fashion designer, you can give your creative fashionista ideas a home. There is always a unique element that varies between every fashion designer; if you have got that uniqueness, you can start your own boutique.
  1. Fashion forecasters and trend analysts: Forecasting and Consumer Insights, Fashion designers are skilled at gauging trends and analysing the needs, wants and desire of the consumers.
  1. As Stylists, from social elites, celebrities to bloggers, stylists are people skilled at aesthetically putting together a look that makes one’s personality expressed in just the visual. Fashion designers work as stylists for celebrities, magazines, e-commerce and even commercial brands because owning something doesn’t make you fashionable, being able to wear it the right way that it accentuates your personality.

opportunities ahead! fashion designer alert - 2 - Opportunities Ahead! Fashion Designer Alert

  1. As costume designers for film, video, television, stage or print.. these fashion designers are ones who understand characters and bring them to life on people. They design, source and place clothing, accessories based on an in-depth analysis of the characters, an average day in their lives, their moods, attitudes and cultural background.
  1. Independent Labels, where designers seek their inspirations and work on collections that they launch, depending on the fashion seasons. They become brands, and there is a brand story that goes alongside. Examples – Pero, Sabyasachi, Manish Arora, etc.
  1. As bloggers and influencers – Knowing fashion in and out, many become bloggers and influence fashion choices and decisions people make on a regular basis, by sharing their reviews and expertise on various channels.
  1. As Image consultants – Seen any makeover shows lately? The right sense of style can alleviate your personality immensely, and that’s what image consultants do, they help training people in form and soft skills.

opportunities ahead! fashion designer alert - 3 - Opportunities Ahead! Fashion Designer Alert

  1. Art direction – Fashion designers are well versed with what looks good where, they are visual experts, and can work as art directors across disciplines, in design houses, advertising agencies, theatre, cinema or concerts.
  1. Curators – Fashion designers can work as curators for fashion events, shows and advertising with their aesthetic understanding and technical expertise in curating and setting the right kind of moods.
  1. Fashion researchers/ fellows/ experts – With many aspiring to work in the fashion industry, there’s need for experienced experts who work as independent consultants, mentors or as professors across universities and art colleges.

The doors are open to opportunities for students once they graduate from Fashion Design Course. All you need to do is find the right key. (https://ayvnews.com/) At JD Institute Of Fashion Technology students get exposed to global standards of the curriculum of Fashion Design.