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Designer: Meet Tejas

Poderalo Konso- A Tribute To Bakers

In the bustling world of design, where imagination merges with functionality, aspiring talents are continuously shaping the living spaces. Meet Tejas Fadte, who is pursuing his Diploma in Interior Design at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. With a burning passion for creating captivating environments, Tejas recently had the opportunity to showcase his remarkable design sensibility at JD Design Awards 2023- Goa Edition. He presented his project ‘Poderalo Konso’ that pays tribute to the unsung heroes of the culinary world—bakers.

Tejas’s vision for the rustic bakery was rooted in his desire to evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth. With a careful blend of modernity and tradition, he meticulously crafted a space that transported visitors to an era of baking. The rustic charm was achieved through the clever use of different materials and vintage fixtures. 

The aspiring Interior Designer designed a layout that was strategically designed to highlight the bakers at work, creating a symbiotic connection between the patrons and the creative process. Tejas’s dedication and creative vision did not go unnoticed. At the prestigious JDDA, his rustic bakery design captured the attention of industry professionals and design enthusiasts alike. The immersive experience and heartfelt homage to bakers earned him accolades and a well-deserved recognition for his design.

Tejas Fadte’s journey as an aspiring Interior Designer demonstrates the transformative power of design. Through his rustic bakery project ‘Poderalo Konso’, he showcased his ability to weave together elements of the past and present to create a space that pays tribute to the dedicated artisans of the baking world. With his talent, passion, and commitment, Tejas is undoubtedly on the path to shaping remarkable environments that leave a lasting impact on the lives of those who experience them.

For the outstanding project ‘Poderalo Konso’, Tejas was accoladed with the Best Project of the Year award by the JD Design Awards platform that recognises the talent of fresh, budding designers.

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Tejas Fadte

Diploma in Interior Design , GOA