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Designers: Madhuri Kommineni and Heena Fatima Bhimani

Popstaposition: A Tribute to Pop Art

Popstaposition was designed by Madhuri Kommineni and Heena Fatima Bhimani, students of BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design at JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru for JD Design Awards 2023.  The collection paid tribute to Pop Art.

Pop art is an influential era of the 1950s, defined as the representation of everyday elements of mass culture. The popular culture prominently inspired youth to stand out of the group and assisted their identity using its vibrant colours and witty humour thus, leading to fast consumption fashion in the market. Today trends and fashion have become subsumed into an all-encompassing phenomenon that seeks to merge whole cultural attempts into a beautiful style. Thus, the tribute to ‘POPART’ is a big dig towards consumerism calling attention to the impulsive buying approach towards fashion. More precisely irrational buying where the fashion designers have highlighted the shopping cycle of an average consumer regardless of gender. Our collection mainly focuses on colours, and prints on various mediums, with the inclusion of witty dialogues. However, ‘POPART’ has shaped many industries majorly Mass Advertising, Logos, Printmaking, Product designing, Fashion, Interior and many more. With this, the collection will show mundane reality, irony and parody (onomatopoeia), and real-life dialogue exchange with the inclusion of satire.

The collection is exploratory on various mediums like Canvas, High-quality satins, PVC, fussing materials, Organza silk, 4-way stretch fabrics, and of course the bold accentuating prints. 

Let’s accept the fact that you have stated “I have nothing to wear” although your wardrobe is overflowing.

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JDDA 2023

Photography Credits: Prem Pandora

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