Republic Day And Fashion – Celebrating Patriotism With Style in 2024

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Republic Day And Fashion – Celebrating Patriotism With Style in 2024

Celebrate Republic Day and Glam Up

Republic Day of the year 2024 is the 75th year of our Constitution commemoration which was done by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, is celebrated with joy and pride in New Delhi with Republic Day Parade. To celebrate such a huge event, people across the country wear authentic Indian dresses to attend the programs being held in several places. 

Of course on Republic Day, the major one that is being talked about is the one that will be held at the Red Fort but people attend flag-hoisting everywhere – schools, colleges, offices, and even in the colonies. There is no such thing as a dress code but people draw inspiration from our national flag and mix it with the traditional Indian attire. 

1.The might of Saffron:

Republic Day and Saffron always have a great bond! It is a color that hits everyone at a special spot – ever heard of the song written by Bhagat Singh? ‘Mera rang de basanti chola’  basanti being the color Saffron (Color of Sacrifice). This color is always picked by Indians in their attire, to represent their respect for the people who sacrificed their lives for our independence. 

saffron dress

Source: Meena-bazaar

2.The delicate White:

The country on 26th January plans to show its patriotism in different ways and one of the favorite colors we chose is White! The white color signifies- the peace that is brought into the motherland after the ages of battle and sacrifice. So do not hesitate to wear Indian attire and celebrate the 75th Republic Day of India. 

white dress

Source: Meena-bazaar

3.The Lustrous Green:

Green signifies the lush mountains and farmlands of this country. Signifying the agricultural backbone of this country. Being an Indian one needs to be thankful to the farmers who help keep the lands green and our houses full of food without fail.  So if you decide to wear a green ensemble on the Republic Day of constitutional commemoration, then you are showing your gratitude towards your farmer brothers and sisters or even your parents! 


Source: Meena Bazaar

Now, you may not want to stay on the color code side but there is always something you can do when you need to celebrate so big in your own patriotic way! 

  1. Wear any traditional wear, you can avoid your favorite denims for one day! 
  2. Try engaging your look with a tri-color accessory, You might pop the patriotism out with some colors. 
  3. Kadhi couture is something that you can always go for, made to order native garments are always a go-to-go rustic element! 
  4. Fusion can be a great option to try on for your Republic Day look. 
  5. Try to incorporate blue in your tri-color combination as well. It represents the color of the Ashoka Chakra in the National Flag
  6. Consider motifs like Ashoka Chakra, lotus, or other national symbols in your accessories or embroidery to add a patriotic touch.
  7. Classic hairstyles like braids, buns, or open curls can complement traditional wear, allowing accessories like jhoomar or maang tikka to stand out.
  8. You can choose Western wear in patriotic colors or featuring Indian motifs to express your love for the country in a contemporary style.

If you’re confused and haven’t got your Republic day outfits ready yet, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Get ready to wear the saffron, white and green colors with full pride and enthusiasm to celebrate the event. There are many more ways where you can learn and try more tips and tricks for styling and fashion, and to learn all that you just need to register with us and apply on .