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World Photography Day scaled world photography day - World Photography Day scaled - #RISEAGAIN TOWARDS A NEW HORIZON THIS WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY 2020

Photography is a medium of expression used by many people to capture memories, inspiration, muse or moods. The need to click images has become an ardent requirement for people to share their experiences with their near and dear ones. It is a gateway to share with a common community who have flair and love for the art. Also, a photograph is a reminder of a time gone by, that can be revisited and reminisced. The theme for students from the Department of Fashion Photography at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore for World Photography Day 2020 was aptly titled #RiseAgain. A reminder that the human spirit is resilient and we will march forward into a new beginning with new lessons and a new perspective.

Origin of World Photography

 In 1837 French artist Louis Daguerre alongwith French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce, credited as the inventor of photography, worked together to create permanent photographic images with a camera. Together, they developed an improved process – physautotype that used lavender oil distillate as the photosensitive substance. Post the death of Niepce; Daguerre carried on to experiment with the process, that eventually led to the invention of a working procedure that only superficially resembled Niépce’s and was thus named “daguerréotype”. In August 19th, 1839 Government of France purchased his invention on behalf of the people of France. Though the first successful example of what we now call “photography” was the handiwork of Niepce called – View from the Window at Le Gras. It was exhibited at the Royal Society in 1839. In 1905 after its first public showing it fell into oblivion for nearly fifty years. In 1952, historians Helmut Gernsheim and Alison Gernsheim tracked the photograph and bringing recognition to Niépce as the inventor of photography.

 Why is World Photography Day celebrated?

 Photography Day is celebrated in commemoration of the patent purchased for the daguerréotype by the French Government and the invention was declared free to the world. It is an ode to the art of photography which has proven to be a gift and is widely used by one and all. The idea is to hold discussions about the medium and encourage those who want to pursue it as a hobby or career. Photography is not just about aesthetics, it is an amalgamation of the techniques involved in creating a photograph like lighting, composition, perspective etc. It also encourages ones interested in photography to take it up as a career or hobby. The Department of Photography at JD Institute introduced #RiseAgain as the theme for this year to encourage students to capture their vision for a better tomorrow.

Rise Again

#RiseAgain is a reminder that when the going gets tough, the tough get going! We are creatives and it is upto us to forge our path. We cannot just sit back and vent, we need to be able to come up with innovative ways which showcases ones creative streak. Photography as a tool is most powerful, it creates a visual that captures a million emotions. It is a time to explore varied ways to showcase the most important moments.

The onslaught of the global pandemic – COVID-19 put a halt to lot of businesses. The art of photography has always thrived on working with people and subjects that requires one to travel or meet models in certain settings. Making most of the slower pace, some photographers have used this time to seek and maneuver new opportunities. They have found ingenious ways to continue working and seeking inspiration from around them, be it within the confines of their home or in nature.

No matter how many times you fall you have to get up with conviction that you are going to cease the day.

The students from the Diploma in Fashion Photography course at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, presents the work that were conceptualized, ideated and captured during the time of Quarantine on the account of world photography day.

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