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Ruder D top ranked student in Bengaluru City University A Visionary in the Making (2)

Ruder D, student of BSc. in Interior Design and Decoration at JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru accomplished an amazing rank in Bengaluru City University.

Ruder is a smart student who did really well in his interior design studies. He understood difficult ideas easily and used them well in his projects, which got him high praise and recognition from his professors and classmates.

Ruder D top ranked student in Bengaluru City University A Visionary in the Making (3)

Despite doing really well in his academics, Ruder also took part in activities outside of class. This showed that he is good at handling lots of different things at once. He has shown his excitement for his area of study and also improved his practical knowledge and connections within the industry. One thing that stands out about Ruder is that he is always happy and easygoing. This helps create a good and cooperative atmosphere for working together as a team. He has a penchant for connecting easily with his friends and other professionals, effectively sharing his ideas. Ruder’s way of focusing on people allows him to make really good designs that match what the clients want.

Ruder D top ranked student in Bengaluru City University A Visionary in the Making (1)

During his time in school, Ruder learned many important skills that are necessary for interior design. These skills are:

  1. Planning Space: Space planning is about arranging and organizing a space to make it work well for specific uses. Ruder is really good at this, and this make spaces that feel good and meet people’s needs.
  2. Colour Theory: He knows a lot about how colours affect emotions. He uses this knowledge to choose colors that create the right mood and improve the overall feel of a room.
  3. Selection of Material: Ruder is experienced in choosing the right materials, finishes, and furnishings that match the look and purpose of a project.
  4. CAD and Software Design Skills: He is very good at using computer programs that help with design (CAD software) and other tools that are commonly used in the industry. With these skills, he can make precise and realistic pictures of design ideas.
  5. Project Management: Ruder is really good at keeping things organized and managing time well. This helps him oversee and coordinate interior design projects efficiently.

Ruder understands the significance of following timelines and budgets while ensuring effective completion of each project.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology wishes Ruder all the very best for a fruitful future!