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Saṃhitā A Tribute to Angel Chen

Designer: Nehal Narendra Zaveri

Saṃhitā: A Tribute to Angel Chen

Nehal Narendra Zaveri, a student at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Goa pursuing her Diploma in Fashion Design showcased her collection ‘Saṃhitā’, at JD Design Awards 2023. The fusion wear collection pays tribute to Angel Chen, a Chinese Designer.

Saṃhita A Tribute to Angel Chen 21

Angel Chen, expresses her Chinese culture through a mix of Western aesthetics in her genderless designs and gives them a bold and contemporary style served as the inspiration for Nehal’s collection. She then wanted to include similar concepts, but with a twist, so she gave the clothing an Indo-Western look and exclusively used Indian designs and a colour palette.

Saṃhita A Tribute to Angel Chen 20

JDDA 2023

Cotton, silk, georgette, organza, tissue, Lycra, tissue, satin, linen, and suiting material were the materials utilized to make the garments. This collection is in some ways sustainable because some of the foundation fabrics were Cotton, Silk, and Linen.

There were several colours used in the collection because of the many prints, but the most prevalent ones were yellow, red, orange, pink, gold, and black.

‘Saṃhitā’ is a Pulchritudinous Collection which exemplifies Indian Tradition.

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“I was excited to showcase my collection, ‘Saṃhitā’ on a platform like JD Design Awards. It was a thrilling experience”

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Nehal Narendra Zaveri

Diploma in Fashion Design, GOA

By- Neha N