Skills You Need for a Successful Event Planning Career

Event Management

Skills You Need for a Successful Event Planning Career

Be it professional conferences, luxury gatherings, informal parties, concerts, shows, or festivities, events today are truly endless. The best part? Celebrations will always be a part of our lives, so career opportunities in related fields are boundless.

Like the nature of events, the chances of growth in the event planning industry are also limitless. So, are you ready to fit into the best event planning career choice?

A lot goes behind organizing a grand success. Among all, the most significant responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the event planners. If you are looking to become an event coordinator, you are in the right place. Learn more in this article about the skills needed in this industry and the opportunities offered.

Event Planning Career Choices for You

As per Ambition Box records, an event planning job earns up to INR 3 LPA. Well, in this hugely progressive and dynamic industry, there are different event planning career options that you can pick. Have a look at the various event planning career opportunities available.

Event Manager

From formal conferences to gala parties, each event requires a leader and a manager. It is an event manager’s duty to strategize plans and supervise the execution of work, all tailored to meet the client’s needs as a manager, you enable communication between the client and the team.

Wedding Planner

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Wedding planning happens to be the most popular and sought after sub-field in event planning.  Princely and glamorous, the wedding industry opens many doors for a career in event management. The demands for each wedding will vary, so the event coordinator must remain on their feet to deal with a diverse clientele. Moreover, a wedding is an umbrella event with several smaller events arranged within.

Venue Manager

As a venue manager, your responsibilities would revolve around overseeing all tasks in the event space. Everything about the venue, the staff, the decor, and the preparations will under your watch. You become the head planner when it comes to the layout and ambience.

Catering Services Manager

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A good event needs to have great food. Therefore, the role of a catering services manager is crucial to any event’s success. From deciding the menu and quantity to ensuring immaculate service, this type of planner needs more than just culinary skills.

Sponsorship Coordinator

Most formal programmed have sponsors or donors. But arranging these sponsors also needs professional abilities like interpersonal and communication skills. This is a critical role in non-profit organization events and requires excellent budgeting and networking.

Social Media Event Coordinator

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Social media is a handy tool when it comes to promoting events you’re hosting. As a social media event coordinator, you need to spread the word and showcase the event in real-time. This position demands tech-savvy abilities and networking skills.

Marketing Communications Manager

This role falls under a corporate event planning career as you serve as a planner for one company. As part of the company, you must organise press releases, product/service launches, events, conferences, and so on. This role requires a lot of calibre as you need to understand the brand and promote it accordingly.

10 Important Skills Needed for an Event Planning Career

Reaching your goals includes several big and small steps towards learning and growing holistically. Well, a dedicated academic course is where you should begin and eventually find more practice through exposure.

However, it is not just a certificate that can get you into the event planning industry. There are several added abilities that you need to acquire to choose an unconventional and creative direction.

As a successful event planner, you need to be filled with soft skills. Look at the areas you should master.

1) Organizational Skills

Planning and organisation go together. Planning all elements follows organising each element in order, under the given duration, within the budget. Moreover, post-event management also requires organising to pack up, clear out, and accordingly analyse the event’s success.

2)Efficient Communication

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Effective communication skills are a mandatory check when it comes to event planner skills. Communication is of utmost value as it includes interactions inside as well as outside the company. You’ll need to converse effectively with your client, understand their needs, and convey them to your team.

3)People Skills

Next in line comes interpersonal skills that help you understand, pitch, and predict. The people attending an event are the central figures, and thus knowing human tendencies, wants, and behaviours come in handy.


Planning an event is all about doing something out of the box for every to-do box you need to tick. Putting your efforts into innovative and fresh arrangements, without overdoing it with novelty, become your signature and provide credibility to your clients.


Juggling several issues and having a level-headed approach to solving issues is required in event management.  With efficiency being a top priority, a good manager would multitask dexterously and never compromise on quality.

6)Leadership and Collaboration

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When it comes to being an event coordinator, it is always with a team. As a leader, you must always have the best strategies to inspire your teammates and establish a growth mindset. Your interpersonal skills also reflect your team spirit, which leads to grand success.

7)Tech Savvy

In this age, you’ve got to be tech savvy in any professional field The planning, designs, arrangements, communication, or even the event can now be virtual. Hence, you need to be well-versed in technical handling.

8)Time Management

From setting up before the event to packing up after, managing time is key. You always need to be on your toes in the event planning industry and run around for errands. Being time-efficient also means working well under pressurising deadlines.

9)Attention to Detail

In event management, even the tiniest detail needs to be pristine. Your attention to nuances must be spot on. This also applies to having a clear idea of what the client desires. Mix this with research and creativity, and you have the perfect solution.


Several things can fall out of order but as a planner, you must be able to improvise and handle any mishaps. Always have backups to fill in any gaps to save the day for you and your client.

Final Thoughts

Stepping into the shoes of an event coordinator comes with time, practice, and qualifications. You would be surprised to know that some of the most basic skills in event management are aspects you already excel at. Event management, being a profound marketing and advertising position, is an integral field. The myriad of opportunities, clubbed with the right guidance and skills leads to an event planning career suited for you.

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