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Sobit Nirmiti- A Tribute To Goan Handicraft sobit nirmiti - Sobit Nirmiti A Tribute To Goan Handicraft Thumbnail 1024x650 - Sobit Nirmiti- A Tribute To Goan Handicraft

Designer: Naik Teja Dayanand

Sobit Nirmiti- A Tribute To Goan Handicraft

Naik Teja Dayanand, a student of JD School of Design Goa pursuing her Bsc in Interior Design, has showcased the project Sobit Nirmiti at JD Design Awards 2023- Goa Edition. Sobit is a Konkani term describing the exquisite and beautiful aesthetics pleasing to the soul. Nirmiti can easily be described as the creation of art. 

The inspiration behind the project is Interior Designer Priti Tatia’s Bhopal residence incorporating nature and Indian artforms into the spaces. The purpose behind the whole collection is to motivate the handicrafts of Goa. The site is an Indo Portuguese style mansion- Sunaparanta Art Center and Café Bodega that incorporates the color schemes of the ocean. 

Goa is a coastal place, a paradise where the ocean is turquoise, the beaches have smooth white sands, and the sky changes colors of various hues. It has some of the world’s best beach resorts, with gorgeous beaches and a laid-back culture thus using oceanic hues of the color. 

The project encourages individuals to uplift the handicrafts of Goa by practicing various forms of it. The designer has aimed for the same. She has used environmental-friendly materials such as jute and natural lighting for the patio eating space rather than giving loads of artificial lighting, which consumes a lot of energy and contributes to carbon emissions. 

The idea behind the project is to develop the indigenous art forms from the state into a concept store with the inspiration of the Goan handicrafts. The products that will include in the collection will be crochet work, coconut carving, pottery work, shell art, cane weave handiwork. 

Sobit Nirmiti by Naik Teja Dayanand received the Special Jury Award from JD Design Awards 2023- Goa edition for its exceptional design that aims to revive the Goan handicraft. 

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top testimonials sobit nirmiti - top testimonials - Sobit Nirmiti- A Tribute To Goan Handicraft

“My tribute is to the handicrafts of Goa as I want people to know that there’s more to Goa beyond beaches. My experience was good and though it required a lot of hard work, it was worth every effort.”

bottom Testimonials sobit nirmiti - bottom Testimonials - Sobit Nirmiti- A Tribute To Goan Handicraft

Naik Teja Dayanand

Bsc in Interior Design, GOA

-By Kanishka