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Sonam Kapoor shares night skincare routine, says Vitamin E great for skin

Sonam Kapoor’s Instagram series ‘Vanity Vignette’ is all about the actor’s skincare, haircare and other health and lifestyle habits on her social media handle.

The actor gives an insight into her beauty routine and makeup hacks. She also shares three tips for glowing skin. In the caption, she writes: “From drinking at least 4 bottles of water a day to munching on delicious bowls of salad — I do it all (sic).”

In the latest video, she discusses her night skincare routine. From under-eye care to the importance of Vitamin E for the skin, the actor discussed her regime.

Sonam’s night skincare regime 

Sonam Kapoor shares night skincare routine, says Vitamin E great for skin Sonam shares, “After all my cleaning is done, I use an eye cream… My under eye is very dry so I have to use that. I use it lightly because too much cream can cause built up inside your tear ducts and cause swelling. I use it very lightly and gently.”

“Then I use this amazing face cream that I get from Dr Lancer. But if that is not available then I use any moisturizing night cream with Vitamin E. Vitamin  E is amazing for your skin… It’s the best thing for your skin. And then I use lip balm.”


“Water! Water is the best thing for your skin. Dehydration is not good for your skin, not good for your body, not good for anything – your mental health or physical health…nothing but water is essential, important and amazing. Keep drinking a lot of water,”

Consuming Omega, veggies and nuts

Emphasising consuming omega, Sonam said, “If you are a non-vegetarian, fish is the best way to get your omegas. If you’re a vegetarian then I would suggest you get it from nuts, seeds … walnuts, different chia seeds, lotus seeds or vegetable oils like olive oil, sunflower oil. These are all amazing for your skin.”

Include fibre in your diet 

Sonam also shared the importance of including fibre in our diet for glowing skin. “Lots of vegetables, lots of fruits which are low in sugar and salads because the more fibre you have, the fuller you’ll get and the cleaner your system would be. So chop out that carrot, chop out that broccoli, doodhi (bottle gourd), anything. Just have lots of vegetables.”

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Sonam Kapoor shares night skincare routine, says Vitamin E great for skin