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Design as a career has evolved a lot in recent years. Industries have started recognising the potential of artistic people in curating creative solutions for real-time problems. As such, enrolling in a design institute will empower your artistic acumen and equip you with the relevant skills in your field of interest to build a promising career as a designer.

Design professionals are of great value across various sectors. They can be seen designing quirky video games or concocting functional indoor spaces with immense visual appeal. This blog will let you explore what being a student in a design institute means and take you through various design courses. By the end of this article, you will be able to choose which designing course is best.

Why Choose to be a Student at a Design Institute?

Choosing a career in the design sector allows you to pursue your passions and build a career out of them. These satisfying careers provide ample room to combine creativity with technological skills to create innovative solutions. You can have the freedom to express your ideas and find answers to societal challenges while being able to transmit strong messages in artistic ways.

Moreover, this versatile field has something to offer to everyone. People with different skills, talents, and educational backgrounds can find suitable and rewarding opportunities for themselves. You do not have rigorous curriculums and compulsory subjects to engulf. In almost all degree and design diploma courses, you can explore things you love and build strong craftsmanship in your area of interest with practical learning. That is because design institutes focus on developing strong design thinking in their students while they explore their creative focus.

Design Courses After 12th That You Can Explore

How many types of designing courses are there? The answer is many. Design degrees offer vast choices. You can opt for all-inclusive courses or choose to go with specializations, such as graphic design, interior design, fashion design, product design, Jewellery design, and so much more. Your choice of a particular course depends on your interest and reflection on which design course is best for future.

Let us look at some of the most sought-after design courses after 12th in India.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are visual magicians. They create imagery that can convey strong messages that attracts people’s attention with colorful and visually appealing designs. Graphic designers work across multiple sectors, majorly in marketing projects, to create artistic web page layouts, magazine covers, print and digital ads, etc.

You can imagine a graphic designer’s work when you see attractive logos or eye-catchy product packages. Using their creativity and design knowledge, they combine tests and images to create concepts that deserve attention and stimulate emotions.

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As a graphic designer, you can work as a full-time employee or choose to be independent as a freelancer. Many organizations seek outside design help to supplement their design team. Depending on your talent and caliber, it also gives you greater earning potential.

How many years graphic designing course will you have to invest in? A degree course in graphic design after the 12th usually lasts 8 semesters or 4 years. This four-year journey will help you emerge as a creative graphic designer with knowledge about all the relevant digital techniques and methodologies in design.

Interior Design

Interior designers are responsible for designing beautiful interiors for houses, shops, offices, hospitals, hotels, and more. They use their combined design, construction, and architecture knowledge to create practical and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

As an interior designer, you create customised designs for your clients with accent walls, bespoke furniture, fancy lighting, colourful themes, and more and collaborate with contractors to execute those designs. Your work will also involve procuring materials for the interiors and furnishings of the building.

So, if you are passionate about creating beautiful spaces, love decorating your house or have a knack for using unique themes and colours across your room, interior designing might be your calling.

Product Designer

Also called industrial designers, product designers create sustainable designs for a vast number of things ranging from lighting, furniture, kitchenware, and bath ware, to even electronic gadgets. Their job is to design products that are practical and safe for the consumers to use, attractive in looks and economically viable.

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Most product designers have specialized knowledge in particular fields and industries. They make product sketches based on the ideas and suggestions of the clients and create a final design that is satisfactory for everyone. Achieving a functional design requires creativity, market research, and an understanding of consumers and clients. Although it takes a lot of work, it can be the challenge you want in life if you are passionate about product design.

Fashion Designer

Love designing your outfits and curating unique looks! You might as well make it your profession. If you have creative ideas about combining different clothes and accessories, then you have the quality and skills of a fashion designer. You can upgrade and enhance your skills with a course in fashion design.

Being a designer, you can launch your clothing line and exhibit your designs at fashion shows. You can even use your designs to reflect and send out important messages. It can provide great satisfaction when you see people adorning and appreciating your designs.

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Enrolling in a fashion design program will allow you to explore the more detailed part of designing, like knowledge about textiles, clothing materials, and professional design techniques. Learn more about the basics of fashion design here.

How many years fashion designing course depends on the type of design program you opt for. A degree program in fashion design is usually 3 years long, while a diploma course lasts 1 year, and a postgraduate diploma is 2 years.

Jewellery Designer

Almost every woman dorns at least one piece of jewellery at any given point. Even men love to wear rings, bracelets and other jewellery. As such, the demand for fancy and fine designs in jewellery never diminishes. Aside from traditional jewellery making, the industry has had numerous career opportunities for jewellery designers with the latest technological aptitudes in recent years.

So, jewellery design can be an attractive career if you love to explore the intricacies of dazzling jewellery pieces and are willing to learn about the latest design technologies like Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printing.

In a professional jewellery design course, you will learn about the A-Z of jewellery making, from the history of jewellery to gemology, diamond sorting, manufacturing and more.

Wrapping Up

We hope that by now, your question on ‘which designing course is best for future’ has been answered.

 Student Life in a design institute is a creative voyage that lets you merge your passion with industrial knowledge and the latest techniques to build your dream career. Being a design student, you can explore multiple career opportunities that satisfy the artist in you. You can choose from several fields, including graphic design, fashion design, interior design, product design, and more, no matter your educational background.

If you wish to be a professional designer in any of these fields, the JD School of Design is your place to be. As one of the best design institute in Bangalore and also among the best design institute in India, the JD School of Design offers a wide range of degree and diploma courses in fashion and apparel design. Interior design, product and Graphic design, and more. Navigate through the different courses and decide what appeals to your interests and advance your talents with the most in-demand technical skills in design.