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Saree’s origin:  Date ranges cover hundreds or even thousands of years, as is the case with much of history; therefore, pinpointing the precise origin of an idea, inno5,000on, or artistic creation can be difficult. We asked Anita Lal, the creator of Good Earth and a guardian of Indian aesthetics, for her thoughts on the history of the saree. Its likely 5000-year roots cover

Women Entrepreneurs in the field of Textiles, let us know more about their achievements in Textile Industry.  Women Entrepreneurs - are the ones who make the vibrant tapestry of the Indian textile industry. It is the relentless spirit and innovative vision of these women that keep the industry ever-evolving. From reviving ancient crafts to spearheading sustainable practices, these women are breaking barriers and etching

Crafts in India inform the country’s textile and fashion industries. These indigenous practices that hold immense relevance in terms of meaning, significance and history, are unfortunately seeing a decline in their practice especially during the time of the current pandemic. As part of their Craft Documentation module, students Pooja Harish, Swarna Pratha K., Pranavi P. and Veena V. from JD Institute’s Post Graduate