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JD Institute of Fashion Technology and JD School of Design Bangalore participated in the GTE Garment Technology Expo held in Bangalore. The grand event which is committed to apparel technology in India took place at the Palace Ground, Bangalore from 8th October to 10th October and highlighted the need for the expansion and upgradation of garment production base in the nation. In the three

Colour exists all around us. We are attuned to associating each colour in the spectrum to a specific memory or a feeling. It evokes memories, feelings of nostalgia or even hunger. The concept of colour that is hardwired in our brain is often overlooked. It might be overlooked by us but not by major corporations. Organizations spend substantial amount of time, effort and

Fashion trends are what’s popular and what’s “in” for the season or for the foreseeable future. These fashion predictions are the pre-cursors to fast fashion. The fashion trends that are affected by major shifts in the society like demographic changes, change in lifestyle, economic conditions and such are macro trends. Whereas fashion trends brought about by influencers or a new fad that only

The fashion industry was in for a chaotic start with the beginning of a new decade and the shocking onset of Covid-19 pandemic. It managed to wreak havoc in all our lives. What kind of clothes will find its way into our wardrobes? Which styling options will we collectively look for on those smooth steel hangers in the showrooms? Or will we visit