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Pexels Do you enjoy visiting galleries of art? Do you find yourself fascinated by the array of drawings and paintings on exhibit and perpetually pondering how to create them yourself? The pop art that has always been valued is sketching. The nice aspect is that sketching is all about technique and doesn't require a wide variety of tools. Understanding the fundamentals of sketching is essential

Source: Rongrong Devoe and Dribbble Drawing and Illustration are two different variants of Art Forms. A common misconception is being removed right here!  Drawing and Illustration are the two forms of art that have many similarities but they are quite different as well. Art takes many forms, and two often-confused branches are drawing and illustration. While both involve creating visual imagery, their purposes and approaches

You have your line of clothes. You have showcased your designs in numerous fashion shows across India, France, Italy and Japan. You have a recognized brand that people adore. Are these some of the things on your bucket list to be achieved in the next ten to twelve years? Apart from being successful fashion designers, what do Sabyasachi Mukherji, Ritu Berri, Neeta Lulla,

Fashion Technology sounds too broad a term to make sense? Here are the 9 basics involved in Fashion Designing. The journey of several essential steps starting from a vague idea to successful merchandising of a marketable product. Fashion Designing is a confluence of culture, trend and location to create apparels and accessories. Here are your basics to understand the world of Fashion Designing curated

Drawing is a visual expression used to convey your own thoughts and feelings towards a subject whereas illustration is a tool of visual communication for people to visualize and understand the subject by looking at a picture rather than the accompanying text. We at JD Institute of Fashion Technology have put together some basics that you need to understand before you decide to