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Bathroom flooring needs attention and detail because you need to nail it right the first time or it is a tedious hassle to get through repairs and renovation that never fixes it right. In all other parts of the home, choosing floor options mainly comes down to appearance than function. You need your living room, dining room, bedroom, or office flooring to look great; functionality does not

Flooring can become a deal-breaker in deciding the look and feel of the interior design. It can either win or bust the appearance of the interiors of a space. Flooring lays a foundation to the design creating a pathway to decide other factors of the space. Wooden flooring is rapidly growing to become a popular choice of interior designers and individuals. This type of

Leather is a classic raw material that’s been in use in the sphere of interior design to make furniture. Interior designers over the years have recommended the use of leather to furnish the interiors of living spaces. Furniture is a critical aspect of interior design. It makes or breaks the look of interiors. With years passing by, furniture has evolved to be modern, functional