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There is no doubt that visual imagery and graphic design play a crucial role in the marketing campaigns of fashion brands. The graphic designer is the magician who makes the marketing of a fashion brand come to life. Therefore, they are crucial to the success of any fashion brand to make the brand successful. The importance of graphic design in fashion and the

‘Marketing for Millenials’ was a talk session that was organised and hosted by the 3C’s Outreach program, an initiative by JD Institute Bengaluru. A committee is formed for the students, for their exposure and wider knowledge on what is trending and happening in the creative industries. The 3C’s latest webinar session was focused on how the traditional marketing strategies are being re-written by

Fashion Psychology module for the students of Post Graduate in Fashion Design and Business Management is imperative to understand the impact on consumer mindset inorder to curate an effective marketing strategy. The study of psychology plays an important role to determine the various factors that influence its market value by forecasting its longevity and focus on changes in acceptance over time. The module helped