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The rich and diverse handloom heritage of India is to be celebrated for all the eclectic contributions to the handloom and textile heritage of the world. Our country is the origin and home to countless gorgeous and rich handlooms and textiles. We as a proud and ancient country produce roughly 85 percent of the world’s handwoven products and we have the most diversity

Tribal jewellery is a huge market that includes ethnic and offbeat silver ornaments. This style of jewellery design consists of pendants, neckbands, jhumkas and avant-garde which are very much in trend this 2022. History of Tribal Jewellery Since ancient times, tribal communities from across the globe have waged the use of jewellery. Various tribes from different parts of the world like Egypt, India, Africa and

Gemstones have been desirable since ancient times, and are as appealing to us here and now as they were to our ancestor’s generations ago. Since most jewellers set their stones by hand, it's possible that alternate stones can be set into your chosen design. For instance, if you see a ring or a piece of jewellery with one type of gemstone, but would prefer

Silver jewellery requires constant cleaning to retain its original shine alongwith correct storage to prevent scratches. Any jewellery or other item made from silver is bound to change color over a course of time due to a natural oxidation process with sulfides in the air. There are several easy methods developed over the years by jewellers that help to maintain the beauty of