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Women Entrepreneurs in the field of Textiles, let us know more about their achievements in Textile Industry.  Women Entrepreneurs - are the ones who make the vibrant tapestry of the Indian textile industry. It is the relentless spirit and innovative vision of these women that keep the industry ever-evolving. From reviving ancient crafts to spearheading sustainable practices, these women are breaking barriers and etching

World Cotton Day is observed on 07th October every year to revere the marvel that is cotton. From cotton production to fiber to fabric, cotton is regarded to be one of the few naturally sustainable fabrics. Cotton production is touted to be one of the leading causes of pollution across the globe. Cotton is an everlasting ingredient in the recipe of life on earth.

AN INDUSTRIAL INSIGHT BY A SEASONED FASHION EXPERT – MS. REENA KRISHNAN  JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore organized an industry talk session with Ms. Reena Krishnan, Senior Consultant and Owner at REE Soul Free Design on 12th December 2019 for the students of Fashion Designing. The session provided students an insight into the fashion industry and ways to be well-equipped for a professional

FASHIONABLY SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS The latest fashion trend isn’t a seasonal colour or a must-have style but it is the concept of sustainable fashion and ethical clothing. It is a movement or process of bringing about a change in the entire fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Today, there is a tremendous rise in eco-luxury retail. Positive developments are finally beginning to take