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The Difference between UX and UI Design Here is What You Need to Know (3)

When we combine the two worlds of design and tech, we get the mesmerizing fields of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. You may have encountered these phrases if you have ever looked up career options in tech or design. But what is UI and UX design? UI and UX design refers to designing apps, websites, and other digital content for a brand or a company. But there is always some confusion – what is the difference between UI and UX design?

Keep reading to get an understanding of the two fields, including the core concepts of design, job opportunities, and which one would be a better fit as a career path for you.

The fundamental differences

UI and UX design go hand-in-hand while creating any digital interface or product. UI design involves structuring the entire product- its look, its feel, and tangible functions like buttons, toggle bars, icons, and other visual elements.

On the other hand, UX design is the amalgamation of the user’s experience of using the digital product for a particular function or on a particular journey. The experience of the user, or the way they feel, is UX.

The design of the user interface affects the user experience of the digital product. The user interface can be called the skeleton of your digital product, while the user experience is like flesh and blood. The difference between UI and UX design with example can be seen on WhatsApp – the experience of seamless communication is UX, while the design of the chat boxes and other pages is UI.

The functions of a User Experience Designer

What is UX Design? User experience design combines the processes that lead to the creation of the interface of a website, mobile or desktop app, or other kinds of digital products. The following is an outline of the functions of a UX designer:

  • Analysis of the customer and user research
  • Analysis of competitors and their products
  • Structuring and strategising the product
  • Development of the content
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Iterations and primary testing
  • Coordinating with developers and user interface designers
  • Final analysis and iterations

The UX designer charts the path on which the user will move within the product. It is thus also called information architecture. UX designers are usually experts in prototyping, research, and constructing wireframes. The work behind UX comes before the process of user interface development.

The Difference between UX and UI Design Here is What You Need to Know (1)

The functions of a User Interface designer

What is UI design? User interface design takes the research and prototyping of the UX team and converts them into tangible, visual components of a product. This includes every button, scroll, and landing page. An outline of the functions of a UI designer can be listed as follows:

  • Accumulating data and information from the UX research and design process
  • Back-end customer analysis
  • Design-based research for the digital product
  • Graphics development and branding
  • Creation of user guides and storylines
  • Interface prototyping
  • Animation and interactivity
  • Adaptation of the design for different screen sizes and devices
  • Implementation in collaboration with developers

The user interface designer creates all the objects necessary to make the user experience chart possible. This part of web and mobile app development is closely related to graphic design and visual communication design.

The difference between UI UX and graphic designer is that graphic designers focus more on branding and stagnant communication, like brochures, pamphlets, and logos. However, a user interface designer is usually skilled in the use of colour theory, typography, design patterns, interactivity, and animation.

Skills that are common in UI UX design jobs are:

  • The ability of design-based thinking
  • An awareness of the needs of users
  • A combined final goal – a product that delights users.

The Difference between UX and UI Design Here is What You Need to Know (4)

Career Opportunities

Are UI UX designers in demand? UI and UX design opportunities are snowballing in today’s fast-paced world. These fields started gaining more traction during the COVID-19 pandemic when the entire globe moved to digital methods of working, studying, and other daily practices.

How much does a UI UX designer make in India? A UI and UX developer can fetch a salary can range between INR 2,00,000/-s to INR 13,00,000/-. The average salary is around INR 4,80,000/-, or about ₹ 40,000 per month.

Some companies may hire  UI-UX designers for a single position, but differentiating between the two tasks is crucial to put out a concrete and innovative product. Only some skills are common between UI and UX, such as empathy, collaboration, design thinking, and prototyping.

Is UI UX design a good career? You may come to a conclusion after taking a course in UI UX for beginners. Through short courses like diplomas, you will also be able to identify if the field of UX or UI suits you better as a designer.

And to answer the final question – does UI UX design require coding? Simply put, it does not. The skills discussed in the previous parts of the article are distinct and fulfilling to the job description.

To conclude

The Difference between UX and UI Design Here is What You Need to Know (2)

Well, we hope that after knowing the difference between UI and UX design, you have much more clarity about which one’s your calling! UI and UX design are both new, interesting, and well-paying career options when looked at in terms of the turn of the year 2023. This field holds a plethora of opportunities available to all passionate learners. You can avail the path towards this field from a technical & technological background or a design background.

Building a new career from scratch requires commitment and a step towards the right direction, which can come from a dedicated UI-UX course, which you can use to learn new skills or enhance your old ones.

Why not choose a 2-year master’s course in UI-UX from the JD School of Design? With a detailed curriculum focused on visual communication and innovative methodology, this course will introduce you to the pedagogy of designing digital products and services which are new and valuable.

So, enroll in UI-UX design now, and witness new opportunities open up for you!