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The Virtues of Ghōr: Tribute to the Lambani Tribe

Designer: Lysandra Beverly Mascarenhas

The Virtues of Ghōr: Tribute to the Lambani Tribe

Lysandra Beverly Mascarenhas, student from JD School of Design, Goa pursuing her BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design showcased her collection, ‘The Virtues of Ghōr.’ The designer paid ode to the Lambani tribe of India – a nomadic group famed for their stunning garments and ornamentation. They are known to have migrated from Ghōr, one of the provinces of Afghanistan. She was the recipient of the Best Design Collection Award at the event. 

The collection draws inspiration from their customary handcrafted needlework. With ‘Kangura’ patchwork applique borders, this needlework combines pattern darning, mirror work, cross stitch, and quilting stitches. The motifs were influenced by the mountains that the nomadic people crossed to enter India, by living in the jungle during their trip, and by natural elements. 

For the base the designer utilized bamboo-dyed fabric. For the entire collection, spun cotton and rose lotus flowers were used. Additionally, terry cotton, which has a higher percentage of cotton, was used for skirts and pants. Some of the materials mentioned above are leftovers from the mill. The collection is made up of hand embroidery done by the women of the Lambani community using traditional Lambani embroidery stitches. 

The Virtues of Ghōr: Tribute to the Lambani Tribe

Navy blue and off-white are the primary colours, with a vivid colour scheme for the embroidery. The designer chose these hues as she wanted needlework to be more prevalent in a narrative form. 

The Virtues of Ghōr is environmentally friendly because it uses eco-friendly textiles like rose lotus, bamboo-coloured fabrics, and terry cotton with a larger percentage of cotton. 

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“I always wanted to work with Indian traditional handicrafts and JD School of Design gave me a platform and opportunity to showcase my concept and my vision. I chose the Lambani tribe – a nomadic group who are known for their eye catching gorgeous costumes.”

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Lysandra Beverly Mascarenhas

BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design, GOA

– By Raja Lakshmi G. A.