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tinga tinga - JDDA LOGO 150x150 - Tinga Tinga
Tinga Tinga Thumbnail tinga tinga - Tinga Tinga Thumbnail - Tinga Tinga

Designers: Vinathi & Mahitha

Tinga Tinga

The collection Tinga Tinga pays tribute to Edward Saidi Tingatinga, a Tanzanian artist. He is best known for his brightly colored paintings of animals and scenes from Africa. Tinga Tinga, a resort wear collection captures the playful and vibrant nature of Tingatinga’s art and aimed at fashion-conscious individuals who are looking for unique, eye-catching pieces. playful animal and nature-inspired designs, and bold lines. The color palette includes bright, bold hues such as orange, turquoise. The designs are abstract and pattern manipulation featuring bold lines and whimsical shapes. All prints and designs are original and reflect the signature style of Tingatinga’s artwork

The collection won the Best Prêt Wear Collection Award.

JDDA 2023