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UI/UX Design – sought-after field in Digital Design

UI/UX design has gained quite a bit of attention in recent times. As the dependency on technology continues in this digital world, concentration on creating stunningly designed apps and websites has become essential. With a vast majority of people using the internet on a daily basis it is rather important to create a seamless user experience to enjoy these applications. This has to the prominence of a UI/UX led design to cater to the needs of the users through a formidable delivery. With companies eyeing for the attention of the consumers’, there is an increase for good UI/UX designers. It has given rise to an ecosystem of tech-based companies and developers to create apps to an industry that is growing steadily. Thus, paving the way for the most emerging careers of the digital age – UI/UX Designers.

UI/UX Design – sought-after field in Digital Design What is UI/UX Design?

UI/UX Design are most often than not used as one term, though they are used interchangeably, they play two different roles. On the surface they seem to be the same. It is difficult to find concrete descriptions of the two that do not delve too much into a jargon.

Difference between UI Design and UX Design

The roles of UI/UX Design differ and refer to the varied aspects of product development and design discipline. UI Design or “User Interface Design” lets users interact with a product or service. Whereas, UX Design or “User Experience Design”, is the takeaway from the entire experience of an individual while interacting with the product or service.

UI/UX Design – sought-after field in Digital DesignFuture of UI Design and UX Design

The purpose of digital design is to serve the user and also be able to solve problems that come up immediately or in the near future. Hence the future of design is centred around User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. Though design is changing at a rapid pace, focus needs to be paid on the incorporation of attractive design with a wholesome user experience. Design will continue to be a priority, as firms concentrate on serving the user.

As UI/UX design witness advancements and innovative interactions arise, the UI/UX designer title will morph into a number of specializations. Some UI/UX designers will either turn into experts on mixed reality, while others will master voice interfaces and some others will broaden their scope beyond traditional interaction design, turning their focus to product strategy and business.

UI/UX Design – sought-after field in Digital Design

At the pace with which modern technology is changing the field of UI/UX design, only those that manage to adapt and hone new skills at the same pace will remain irreplaceable. Change also brings with it, opportunities and the ones who seize it will be able to lead the way into the future.

UI/UX Design is a sought-after field, however, the demand does not meet the supply as yet. With a 2 years MA in User Experience and Interaction Design programme will not only equip aspirants with complete skill-sets required for UI/UX Design but will also guide them in the design concepts imperative to create excellent apps and websites. Design is only valuable when it works well for users and thanks to UI and UX, a new world has been unlocked for design.

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UI/UX Design – sought-after field in Digital Design