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‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers vatsalya -    Vatsalya     An ode to Mothers Thumbnail 1024x650 - ‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers

Designer: Shreya Gadag

‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers

Shreya Gadag, a student of JD School of Design, Goa pursuing her BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design showcased her collection ‘Vatsalya’ at JD Design Awards 2023. Her work won Best Commercial Pret Wear. The name of the collection is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘unconditional motherly love’ and pays tribute to mothers and their never dying love. The garments created are for mothers belonging to the age group from 35 to 45 years.

‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers vatsalya -    Vatsalya     An ode to Mothers Moodboard - ‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers

The inspiration for Shreya’s collection is her mother, who she considers as a source of strength and courage, selfless love, her safe haven and resilient. Mothers are multitaskers and constantly on the move and most often than not prefer comfort over style. Keeping this in mind the collection has been constructed to provide ease of movement without compromising on looking chic.

‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers vatsalya -    Vatsalya     An ode to Mothers Styleboard - ‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers

The collection rightly echoes the breeziness and laidback nature of Goa. The fabrics used for the garments are made with natural fabrics like cotton and silk with block printing technique done in Jaipur. The collection bears Celtic Knot, Kalash, Rudra and Lotus motifs. The delicate sequence work done on the belts and necklines gave it an extra spark.

‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers vatsalya -    Vatsalya     An ode to Mothers Fabric board - ‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers

The dyes used were made from natural products like beetroot for maroon colour which represents passion and empowerment. Edible lime and beetroot for the colour pink which captures the compassion and nurturing side of mothers. Blue colour was extracted with the use of indigo and edible lime which represents varied meanings like faith, intelligence, depth etc.

‘Vatsalya ‘ truly personifies grace with its simplicity and lets the wearer shine.

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top testimonials vatsalya - top testimonials - ‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers

“My mother is my strength and courage. She is very strong and yet gentle. Although I have faltered in my paths she brings me on the right track by letting me know I am still her perfect daughter. That is why through my collection I have given tribute to the strength and courage of my mother.”

bottom Testimonials vatsalya - bottom Testimonials - ‘Vatsalya’ – An ode to Mothers

Shreya Gadag

BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design, GOA