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1 1 1 we curate - 1 1 1 - we curate, amazing facts of few International Brands

we curate, amazing facts of few International Brands

Big brands and fashion houses of repute have existed for a long time catering to the fashion needs of everyone. They were not made in one day. Dedication and perseverance over the years have helped them attain the position they are enjoying currently.

Do you know what your favourite brand’s name means or how they came into being? Every brand has a story to tell. So, if you are fashion-savvy and a fan of big brands, these interesting snippets are for you.

Have fun reading.


Founded by Italian businessman and fashion designer, Guccio Gucci, the luxury brand Gucci has taken centre stage in the world of fashion and spells indulgence like no other. No prizes for guessing how this brand name came by.

Working in hotels in Paris and London, Gucci was impressed by the luxury-laden luggage the urbane guests used to carry with themselves. He came back to his hometown Florence and started a small shop, initially selling leather goods and gradually establishing a fashion legacy in classy apparel and accessories.

Did you know that in 1932, Gucci designed a loafer shoe with a gilded snaffle that is the only pair of shoes on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York? Well, now you do!

we curate we curate - 1 - we curate, amazing facts of few International Brands


When Rosalia Mera and Amancio Ortega made a humble beginning selling pyjamas in a small shop called Zorba in Spain, little did they know they would turn into a global fashion powerhouse in the decades to come. They changed the brand name to Zara later because there was a bar called Zorba in their vicinity and they didn’t want their store to have the same name.

The name Zara has a little romance associated with it. The name is derived from a Croatian harbour called Zadar where Ortega went on a honeymoon with his wife, Rosalia! Well, talking about efficiency, a Zara factory unit in Tunisia can stitch a woman’s shirt in just 38 minutes. Can you beat that?

Ralph Lauren

Did you know that the founder of this luxury label after whom the brand is named changed his surname from Lifshitz to Lauren at the age of 16 since his friends made fun of his earlier name?

The line started with simple men’s ties made out of rags but the fact that they looked different caught the eye of the fashion-savvy.

The brand’s logo depicts a Polo player in action and was introduced after the men’s polo line became an instant hit.

Lauren has a fetish for vintage cars and has an enviable collection of them.

Michael Kors

Named after the American fashion designer who started the luxury line, this high-end brand has the man himself at the helm and his tryst with fashion began at the age of 5 when he designed his mom’s wedding dress.

The press releases of every collection from the designer line are personally written by the ace designer himself. We wonder how he finds time from his overwhelming work schedule of managing more than 900 stores across the world!

Parting Words

We hope you enjoyed reading the trivia on some of the world’s most famous fashion brands. Born out of the efforts of people who dreamt big from a young age, who had the vision of what they wanted to do and the aptitude for understanding the markets, it looks like these iconic brands will stay in our minds and hearts for a long time to come.

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