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If the glamour and glitz of the runway and the magnificence of showbiz have finally convinced you to study fashion, welcome! Congratulations are in order! A degree in fashion opens the gate to the wonderful world of design and a plethora of opportunities. If you have a creative mind and a never-ending love for clothes, you are sure to succeed here. However, before choosing a fashion course to pursue, you must know about the subjects in fashion designing.

This will help you understand exactly what you’ll learn and even choose a specialization. Every design school’s curriculum differs, and knowing the difference is crucial to choosing a school that’s ideal for you. We will walk you through the different subjects in the BSc fashion designing syllabus in this blog.

Do you want to know the best part? All these subjects are available in JD School of Design’s lucrative Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Apparel Design. Our coursework provides enhanced technical training to study the art of fashion and create beautiful masterpieces.

Understanding Fashion: Why Should You Study It?

Moccia Prada perfectly put it, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

What Are The Subjects in Fashion Designing Courses (1) subjects in fashion designing - What Are The Subjects in Fashion Designing Courses 1 - What Are The Subjects in Fashion Designing Courses?

Fashion is the essence of being you. It inspires and unites society as a whole. It is self-expression through art which has now become an intrinsic part of the entertainment industry. Whether you browse through the channels on your TV, stroll down a marketplace or swipe pages of a magazine, you are likely to see an advertisement for the latest trends in fashion.

This is proven by the fact that the industry is worth more than the GDP of the UK and employs close to 3.5 billion people! This means business is good! If you can crack the code for surviving in this competitive field, a career in fashion designing may be all that you imagined and more!

Staple Subjects Taught In Fashion Designing Colleges

There are a few basic subjects covered in every degree course. This includes an introduction to the conceptual basics and textile fundamentals. The fashion designing course syllabus also has topics related to the fashion environment, marketing techniques and design styles.

Most well-known courses also include mandatory industry visits, practical training, seminars from guest speakers and technological upskilling. This blog addresses the curriculum in undergraduate coursework. If you wish to learn in depth about the fashion designing course subjects taught in a Master’s or a Diploma course, you can check them out here.

A fashion designing subject list includes:

  • Textile Science– a deep-dive into fabrics, their manufacturing process and usage. It includes the history of the fabric, how it can be paired with other materials and its properties.
  • Fundamentals of Fashion Design– any fashion designing course is incomplete without this. It includes the elements of design, how to create a fashionable piece and more.
  • Basics of Pattern Making and Sewing– develop garment construction and sewing skills.
  • Fashion Design & Illustration-teaches students how to formulate ideas and make visual representations of them.
  • Garment Detailing– it enlightens industrial pattern making, sizing and alteration methods and different detailing techniques.
  • Apparel Computer Aided Design-here’s where technology and fashion intermingle. This subject teaches students to use software design tools to create patterns, designs and sketches.
  • Fashion Art & Design– learn about fashion research, forecasting and trend analysis, along with improving designing skills with quality rendering techniques.
  • Fashion Marketing & Merchandising– students can study different brands and their marketing strategies, sales and product life cycles and more.
  • Apparel Quality Management– teaches quality control laws and boards, quality assurance strategies and long-term quality management.
  • Fashion Styling and Draping– here, the focus is on bringing ideas to life. Different draping techniques are taught, along with styling know-how and insider tips and tricks!
  • Fashion Communication– learn about developing brand identities for fashion pioneers, journalism, advertising, public relations, space design, photography and more.
  • Visual Merchandising– sheds light on how to manage a store, attract attention with beautiful displays and build an optimizer store layout.

All these subjects are a mix of theoretical and practical curricula. A thorough knowledge of these topics will set you up for a productive career in the fashion industry.

Learning Outcomes: Skills Gained After Pursuing a Fashion Degree

What Are The Subjects in Fashion Designing Courses (3) subjects in fashion designing - What Are The Subjects in Fashion Designing Courses 3 - What Are The Subjects in Fashion Designing Courses?

An undergraduate fashion degree offers a broad introduction to various sub-domains inside the industry. You can then choose your specialization depending on your area of interest. It’s important to research the types of fashion designing courses available and choose one that meets your needs.

Graduates with a fashion design degree are equipped with the following skills:

  • Creative thinking and innovation.
  • Teamwork and leadership abilities.
  • End-to-end project management.
  • Portfolio designing that captures their unique voice.
  • Technical drawing and illustration.
  • Innovative research techniques to forecast customer trends.

Career Options After Studying Fashion Designing


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Multiple career options open up after a degree in fashion. The most common one is that of a fashion designer. A fashion designer creates aesthetically appealing clothing, generally for a new collection or season. As per AmbitionBox, a fashion designer can earn up to Rs. 7.2 lakhs per annum, with the average pay being Rs.3.5 LPA.

Other career opportunities include:

  • Costume designing
  • Fashion buyer
  • Trend Analyst
  • Fashion Product Manager
  • Blogger
  • Textile Technologist
  • Pattern Designer
  • Styling

Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that fashion designing course details and syllabi vary from university to university. However, the subjects in fashion designing mentioned above are covered in almost all programmes.

To truly choose the best university, you must look at the facilities provided, teaching methods, assessment types and employability levels. Checking all these boxes is the BSc course in Fashion and Apparel Design at JD School of Design. This three-year programme is available in their Bengaluru and Goa campuses and has been certified by many industry experts.

Kickstart an exciting career in fashion by enrolling in one of our courses today!