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zenith - JDDA LOGO 150x150 - Zenith – A Tribute To Zaha Hadid
Zenith A Tribute To Zaha Hadid (15) zenith - Zenith A Tribute To Zaha Hadid 15 - Zenith – A Tribute To Zaha Hadid

Designers: Uzma Parveen, Niharika Y and Sudhir R

Zenith – A Tribute To Zaha Hadid

Zenith is a tribute to the architect Zaha Hadid which was presented at JD Design Awards. The designers behind this collection are  Uzma Parveen, Niharika Y and Sudhir R who have pursued Diploma in Fashion Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Hadid was one of the major architects of the 21st century who liberated architectural geometry and explored sweeping curves. She has been described as the ‘Queen of Curves’ for giving hard materials like concrete, glass, and steel a free and flowing look. Some of her major works are the London Aquatics Centre, Heydar Aliyev Centre, Rome’s Museum of 21st Century Arts, and the Guangzhou Opera House. Zenith, a word common in astronomy refers to objects directly above the observer. These objects seemingly defy gravity from the point of the viewer, a feat commonly seen in the designs of Zaha Hadid. Zenith is an avant-garde fall-winter women’s collection that highlights her use of curves, sweeping forms, and deconstructed structures through fashion. The ten garments were designed to represent famous landmarks using a set of common style elements derived from her work.

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JDDA 2023

Photography Credits: Prem Pandora, Deepak

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zenith - bottom braces black - Zenith – A Tribute To Zaha Hadid
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