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September 2017

Aartha Parambrya - Future Origin - JD Annual Design Awards 2017 - Cochin Collection Name: Aartha Parambrya Students Names: Stiffy Anoop, Liya K J, Sumy Sunny Aartha Parambrya is a collection that depicts the values of a traditional culture and Indo-western fusion and inspired by the elements used in the popular dance form Kathakali and butterfly. The garments portray a culmination of patterns, colours and silhouettes

Veiled Critter - Future Origin - JD Annual Design Awards 2017 Collection Name: Veiled Critter Students Names: Lekshmi Shaji R and Anagha Truly inspired by the creations of nature, Veiled Critter is a collection aimed at promoting conservation of nature. With a clear focus towards recycling and reusing of non-degradable plastic waste in the collection, it supports sustainability. Drawing inspiration from sea slugs which are colourful

Talk Session by TG Ganesh - Department of Fashion Design JD Institute of Fashion Technology has been a staunch believer in acknowledging industry counterparts for their extensive industry knowledge pool. While it is integral to keep up with various segments of Fashion, it is also essential to understand the ethics and policies followed by brands to maintain sustainability. A recent talk session with an

Nagashree Ramchandra Batch of 2008 Nagashree Ramchandra Batch of 2008, Her relationship with fashion is not because of the glamour associated with it, but because of the attitude to adapt to the creative and the weirdest changes. She says it is her outlook that makes her crazy about her chosen field. In fact so crazy that she quit her B com course after 2

Neeraj Joseph Batch of 1998 - JD Institute of Fashion Technology Neeraj credits JD with his evolution from fashion designing to event management. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore is where he recognized that his creativity was multi-faceted. While doing freelance fashion designing post-JD, a friend asked for creative help for one of his events and he ended up handling the whole event. That’s when