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December 2018

Fashion Designing Subjects The modern education ecosystem in India is one, which is not only highly progressive but is also responsible for creating some of the biggest achievers in the world. While earlier everyone had a stereotype mindset about the indian ecosystem, slowly but steadily things are changing for the better and both students and parents are looking more optimistic than ever before. One

Jewellery Designer Salary A woman is incomplete without jewellery. Female of every age group has a strong fascination with jewellery. The taste and preferences of jewellery may be different for each individual. Some of you may like fashion jewellery, few may have a fascination for costume jewellery, and again a group may have a strong like towards contemporary jewellery items. But, did you ever

Eligibility for Jewellery Designing Course Jewellery is the kind of accessory that is worn by women as well as men. This is one aspect of fashion that has existed for thousands of years. While in ancient times, jewellery was made out of leaves, seeds, horns and teeth of animals, as civilization evolved, various types of stones, corals and gems started to find a pride

Interior Design Courses Eligibility With time, thwe standard and way of living of people in India has gone through a sea change. Earlier, people would buy a house and would decorate it as per their wish. Of late, the process of owning a home doesn’t just stop at buying the house. Special attention is paid to the decor which has several components. From the

Integrated Term Project – PGISD On 22nd November 2018, JD Institute of Fashion Technology organised an exhibition in which students of Post Graduate Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design showcased their integrated term project. The students were briefed to study the works of a global architect, get inspired by it and create a product or space based on the architect’s existing designs. These students