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December 2018

Bangalore is lit with Christmas Christmas is associated with decorated green Christmas trees, carol singing, midnight mass, family get-togethers, scrumptious meals, varieties of sweets and rich plum cake. However, no Christmas is complete without a set of spanking new dress to wear and a gift to share. This leads the Christmas revelers to the malls and stores and Bengaluru does not disappoint. Stores and eateries

These 5 Tips to Train Your Minds to be Creative Creativity Never Goes Out Of Style. Not when you are a part of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, where there is always room for creativity with their design courses. Yes, you read it right. Being creative is a practice you need to imbibe in your routine. It is a skill that has to be learned,

A Brief History of Fine Jewellery of India The Beginning: Indus Valley Civilisation India’s love affair with fine jewellery goes back more than 5000 years when the hunter-gatherers of the Indus Valley civilisation likely found gemstones on their explorations, with the earliest discovery of diamond estimated around 4th century BCE. In the neolithic-age Mehrgarh (7000 – 5500 BC), craftsmen used shells and gemstones such as

Talk Session with JUEL Brand: Jewellery Department JD Institute of Fashion Technology recently organized an informative and interactive talk session for Jewellery Department with Ms Anjana George (Director, Design Head at JUEL – World Jewellery). JUEL is a brand initiated by Chemmanur jewellers. Carrying forward the same philosophy of Chemmanur, the brand captures the trends of today and creates intricate pieces. Ms Anjana George (Director,

How to Choose Your Personal Style Take a good hard look at yourself in a mirror. Go full length. What do you see? Or rather, who do you want the world to see? A strong woman? A sensitive man? Someone who believes in breaking the rules, or someone who loves to take it easy and go with the flow? Choose your personal style accordingly.

A fashion photography workshop was organised by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Cochin, which was conducted by renowned Fashion Photographer, Mr. Reji Bhaskar. Mr. Bhaskar is a recipient of five state awards for photography. Apart from fashion photography, he is well versed with advertising, industrial and high-end wedding photography too. Apart from being a professional photographer, he also conducts photography classes. Mr. Bhaskar educated the

Lens, Lights, in Action! Lens and lighting are two vital aspects of photography. The lens of a camera focuses the light in a manner that befits finesse of the image. On the other hand, it is the lighting which helps the lens focus, improves the clarity, and adjusts the luminosity. In the world of photography, the lens is the distance between a good view and

LIVING CORAL – PANTONE COLOUR FOR 2019 Every year Pantone introduces “Colour of the Year” which goes onto determining the colors that we will see in the coming seasons, be it in Fashion Design, Interior Design or Product Design. It has been naming colors of the year past 20 years, choosing a vibrant ultraviolet in 2018 and fresh greenery in 2017. Every year Fashion

RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone Fashion has become extremely important among children. Gone are the days when parents kept their kids away from the world of fashion and made them wear simple clothes on their activists. These days parents encourage their children to follow the latest looks and styles. They buy trendy clothes and accessories for their children to make them look smart and