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April 2022

Starter kit for beginners in Photography is here for you to know. Planning to pursue a professional course to learn photography? You’ll need to get set up with all the right equipment. It can be tricky to decide which ones you’ll be able to explore to your full potential. You’ll want to invest in some professional items that will allow you to learn

There was a time when interior designers were on the lookout for new colors, knowledge of their competitive roman blinds, a passionate search for decors, and above all the ability to bring to life one’s visions of their homes. However, recently the world of interior design has had to change drastically. Interior designers are now required to have the basic skills of previous

Looking for a career change or fresh learning, Fashion Design is one field that you should definitely look up to. Whether you are feeling lost post the completion of your graduation regarding the job opportunities or the current 9-5 office has hit a snooze button on your otherwise enthralling life, going for the various courses offered in the arena of fashion Design would

Visual merchandising refers to all of the display techniques used to highlight the looks and usage of the products and services being sold in a retail or digital space. Visual merchandising can include elements of spacing, lighting, and design, and is a term that can be applied both to in-store merchandising and online merchandising. Investing in visual merchandising helps customers have a better

Fashion Design is a lucrative domain that thrives on creativity and individuality. The field is often misunderstood as an industry catering to the glamorous world, however, we beg to differ. Fashion Design is all about expressing oneself. It is more than dresses and outfits. The industry is deeply engrained in our lives. When you look around yourself, we are all the time surrounded by

Merchandising, in lay-man’s terms, is the practice and process of displaying products for the purpose of sales. As a retailer you will have to use several techniques, tried-and-tested ways and creative ways for customers to take notice of your product. Selling a product is your end goal. So, keep your eyes fixed on the goal, the final sale of your product and the

As the pandemic raged on in India and lockdown became the norm, everyone turned to online shopping with offers flooding our phones every day. There is one category that has witnessed a boom in the market unbeknownst to most us, Lingerie.  The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that endlessly locked us indoors has wrought an incredible change in the online shopping behaviour of people

The fashion industry was in for a chaotic start with the beginning of a new decade and the shocking onset of Covid-19 pandemic. It managed to wreak havoc in all our lives. What kind of clothes will find its way into our wardrobes? Which styling options will we collectively look for on those smooth steel hangers in the showrooms? Or will we visit