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October 2022

“For faculty working at a design school, there are no typical days. Every day is fresh and exciting at JD,” says Architect Shilpa Nande, who mentors master’s students at the institute. With decades of industry and academia experience behind her, the seasoned mentor who has  recently done, her M. arch (Habitat Design) emphasizes on new-age pedagogies and real-world knowledge sharing to guide students

Scientists are concerned that rainforests are perilously close to a tipping point. If 20-25% of the tree covers are deforested, the forest’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide will collapse. The Forest Affair is one such design concept presented at JD Design Awards 2022 which brings in awareness among peers about the perishing nature. Libraries from ancient times have been following the same patterns

Interior Designer Pavan Yadav J for the JD Design Awards 2022 aimed to bring sustainability in one of the most important aspects of human life, residential space. In current times, sustainability has become a riveting factor for conscious living in order to preserve a future for the upcoming generation. In the industry of interior design, furnishing and aesthetics are of various styles. From electectic,

Diwali fashion is more than just a new dress, it is the feeling of nostalgia, exhilaration of a brand-new day, exuberant show down within our little community of friends, neighbours and family, and illimitable sentiment of new possibilities, all rolled into one whole day of festive celebration. ‘What to wear for Diwali?’ is of course an ever-present, incessant question that nags the back