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5-Step Guide for Snug & Sassy Winter Wear

Winter Fashion is the season for cosy comfort and more extra layers of fun. Although we look back at our childhood days of wearing grandma’s knitted monochrome sweaters and the little loops and tassels, we played with, winter fashion has taken a dramatic turn with oversized jackets and sleek trench coats. Replacing our monochrome button-down sweaters and unisex beanies that look new as the day it was knitted is a blizzard of winter wear options taking over the wardrobes.

5-Step Guide for Snug & Sassy Winter Wear

The gloves, the beanies with adorable puff balls, flashy zippered leather jackets, funky socks, sleek knee-high boots, and bulky belts- More the options, more our trouble. when to wear them? Is it casual or over-dressed? How can I look stylish in winter? Will it make me look chonky? Wish the questions we ask ourselves as we stare at our wardrobes change with every season. Well, it doesn’t. We just need to find the right layers. Let’s begin inside out- 5 step guide to layer up this winter.

5-Step Guide for Snug & Sassy Winter Wear


1. Layer 1: The Mellow Thermal- The neutral-coloured thermals is one the most essential and functional part of the layers. Thermals don’t just keep you warm in near-zero temperatures, it slashes down the number of layers to bundle up. Depending upon the temperature, you can choose from cotton to wool, the latter being the perfect winter wear option for near-zero temperatures. So, this is the easiest layer to pick out for the day. Moving on now..


2. Layer 2: The Baseline Blouse- The second layer acts as the baseline to build on. Choose a sleeved blouse- t-shirt or shirt or even dress. The winter collection of 2022 has come up with a new trend- dark and muted tones of winter wear transposed with a pop of colour, as aquamarine and acid greens take over. 

The boring rounded necks are not winter. Choose from crewnecks, v-necks, and turtlenecks for a chic and comfy look. Also, dresses are not trademarked for summers and springs and the velvet, tweed, tartan, even rich brocade for winter festivities are great options for a warm and classy winter look.


3. Layer 3: The Toasty Trousers- The bottom wear is just as crucial to nail the winter wear this season. We can save the boring old blues for summers and autumn. Explore your winter wardrobe for some toasty warm corduroy numbers that pair well with just about all the colours of your work wear and casual wear. What better way to not shake in your boots, this winter

Although it might not look like the most logical choice, the skirts are still a plausible choice with fabrics like wool, tweed, thick plaid, leather, suede, velvet, knit, and fur. Mix and match the colours, pair it with a pair of
warm boots, you are the belle of this winter ball.


Pro Tip: Opt for lean trousers or skirts made of warm fabrics that accentuates your body shape. Regular pants and baggy trousers add to the bulk of your jacket and loses form.

5-Step Guide for Snug & Sassy Winter Wear

4. Layer 4: The Feisty Jacket- The jacket is your statement piece that completes your winter look. Depending upon the temperature and the build of your blouse and trousers, opt for a jacket that complements your look. Quilted Jackets, Trench coats, Parkas & Anorak Coats, Cocoon Coats pair well with casual wear. Whereas, Pea Coats, Chesterfield Coats, Double breasted Military coats, and Cape Coats pair well with formal wear.

Keep away from the winter blues and gloomy skies with chic and cozy winter wear. Add the right layers and you will never feel the winter’s sharp bite nor feel the extra bulk of weight on your clothes. Now that we have perfected the layers of clothing, the winter wear is not complete without the right choice of winter accessories and winter jewellery . Keep reading and stay snug.

5-Step Guide for Snug & Sassy Winter Wear