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Fashion is dynamic in nature as it keeps changing with the changing trends in the society. With minimal legal protection, the multi-million dollar fashion industry is plagued by counterfeiting which poses huge challenges to brands and designers. Unlike its overseas counterparts, Fashion Law is in its nascent stages in India.


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With lack of knowledge and scepticism over the time required to bring the perpetrators to justice, is another factor that prevents the victims of counterfeit from filing a law suit. In 2017, Rohit Bal was the first designer in India to get copyright over his entire collection and this led to other designers to follow suit.

Why Fashion Law is an upcoming area with exciting opportunities?

In the exacerbated Internet age, there are many legal issues that designers and fashion companies face, for example, the Privacy of Designs. Legal advice is necessary for the smooth functioning of the organizations. Fashion Lawyers will be in charge of forming and dissolving business entities and advising on brand development and protection. Fashion law also includes a lot of competitive legal matters and can only be dealt by legal experts. Thus, with the growth of Fashion industry,Fashion law is also growing. This is an upcoming area of opportunities as Fashion never dies because of which there is a need to protect the right of design, the brand equity and many other legal concerns.

The Fashion Foundation of India is a newly constituted body that consists of designers who seek protection of Intellectual rights. There are few legislations that protect the regime of Fashion Apparel and Designs. The Fashion Companies have to be aware of all the Fashion rights and protections for the fashion article and trends.

With counterfeiting on the rise, a comprehensive course concentrating on the fashion industry is the need of the hour and also opens opportunities towards creating new careers in fashion law. The responsibilities of a lawyer would range from those required for starting a new fashion house, providing legal advices to the brands that are already existing with respect to employment and labour issues and other legalities. Fashion Lawyers also consult on Import-export, design protection, licensing etc.

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To be all encompassing the a focused approach towards creation of an exclusive course to provide specialized fashion lawyers would help to cater to the interest of the fashion industry in the country.

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