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Jewellery has the knack to uplift even the drabbest of outfits. The shows for Spring/Summer 2020 witnessed experiential pieces which scream, Go Big or Go Home! This year, designers have played with colours, gems, oversized statement pieces, standalone earrings etc. The pieces have been created with natural, accessible materials like beads, stones, simple metals etc. A deconstruction of 6 new jewellery trends 2020 to understand what is in vogue this season.

Colorful Jewellery
Colorful Jewellery.jpg

The runways exploded with colorful extravaganza with eye-catching colourful jewellery. It adds a sense of kitschy fun. With the past trends veering towards minimalism, it is time to go all out and embrace colour especially with the current scenario. The colourful jewellery is bound to be a mood enhancer especially on monochromatic or light coloured clothing.

The Single Earring Trend
Single Earring

This style is bold and is all kinds of quirky. Ideally wearing earrings in pairs are considered a norm, whereas the ones who wore single earrings were the creative or artsy folks or people in the entertainment industry. This time round you can throw caution to the wind and start embracing the new trend. The single earring trend is a style statement brings out an asymmetric movement and dominated the Spring/Summer 2020 runway.

Oversized Link Chains/Earrings
Link Chains

The link jewellery was not limited to chains alone. It was also observed on earrings and chokers, ensuring to pack a punch into any look. The chains have got bigger and better sizes of the chains have become more bigger and better. These chains can be worn with casual wear to give a statement to the look. The link chains came into prominence in the 16th century Germany and Flanders. The chain saw resurgence among the rappers and has now become a fashion staple.

Pearl trend

Pearls have become a mainstay in fashion this season. They were seen on hairclips, anklets, headpieces, single drop earrings, layered necklaces, anklets with a perfect finish. Pearls can be kept as a treasure for years. Due to the value that pearls hold they will never fade. They can be used to create some unique pieces due to its availability in uneven surfaces or perfect shapes, natural colours and varying sizes. Whether it is real or faux, pearls add a timeless appeal.

 Oversized Hoops
Oversized hoop earrings

Hoops have always been around and continue to be so in 2020 as well. Though, the sizes of the hoops have changed to XXL proportion, double hooped, thick and gold. They can be paired with any type of garments to add both drama to your outfit.

Shoe Jewellery
Shoe jewellery

From hands, ears, neck and hair, jewellery was also found on footwear. Shoes adorned with chains and embellishments were seen on the runways. The creative style can be created in a DIY fashion as well by winding the chain around the ankles and through the sandal strap.

A sneak peek into the trends will help one stay tuned with what is happening in the industry. The 6 reviewed new jewellery trends from Spring/Summer 2020 are all about being bold, daring, creative, natural and artistic.  Despite the sombre mood it is imperative to stay updated and knowledgeable to start preparing for the competition once everything is up and running. Jewellery are pieces of investment and will always hold a special place in the consumer’s heart and home.

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