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Mindfulness- A Must Have For Designers

Being mindful is the talk of the town and I totally vouch for it. It’s not only the personal life that requires being mindful of but the professional life too. The change of the dynamics in your immediate environment can be felt slowly as you divert your path towards mindfulness. We are encircled by a good portion of noise around us, literally in every form, be it the wide-ranging conversations and opinions or, the innumerable photographic displays and spectacles that flood our minds with effects mostly on a loop and then, one day they simply vanish in thin air. Sometimes we can squeeze out, extract, and absorb the best of what appears in front of us and other times, it creates a sense of confusion with not having any time to find the solution.
Mindfulness- A Must Have For Designers
Design is a vast field with countless research done on how a creative mind tends to function. According to my experience, if a few nuts and bolts are fixed properly, we will be able to witness mindfulness, be more productive, and evolve consequently. To add value to a beautiful design our thoughts are better if they are contained but, what if they are strewn or racing in all directions? Such thoughts can certainly generate chaos and anxiety. There’s no denying that having a peaceful mind would be more productive than a mind full of confusion.

  • Practice Empathetic Listening.
  • A clear mind without the out-turn at the end.
  • Undivided attention.
  • Go Offline.
  • Reflect on the process.
  • Place boundaries.

Mindfulness- A Must Have For DesignersIf we talk about ‘Design’, we create a perception that is feasible for the target users. It’s important to be mindful and conscious. It can have a significant impact on the way we process creativity and make decisions as we are already entering a new world where the user is much more sensitive and vulnerable than ever before.

Learn to inculcate being mindful. It works with age and situation or place being no barrier. I have heard from people about how this is just a fad or a fancy word which is in use, but I believe it’s truly life-changing if you adapt it in a meaningful and conscious manner.

Words By: Ms Rohini Priyadarshi, Faculty- Interior Design, JD Institute