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The demand for pursuing a UI/UX design program is rising, with countless aspirants expressing interest. Also, with the growing demand for graphic designers, firms consistently seek talent to make applications user-friendly. 

But aspirants usually ask, “How does one start an exciting career in this demanding field?” Further, should students attend counselling programs recommended by most courses before enrolling in a reputed UI UX program?  

This article explores admission counselling and the benefits of pursuing a design program at the JD School of Design. So, if you want a fruitful career in UI/UX design, stay tuned until the end. 

UI UX: A Quick Overview 

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UI UX design is integral to creating a user-centric digital product and ensuring its visual appeal. The purpose of UI UX design is to create a navigable and friendly interface that enhances the user’s interaction with a product. The importance of UI UX design is much felt in everyday scenarios too. 

While UI design focuses on the visual elements, UX is more about the overall feel of the product. For instance, let’s say you are using an ATM. The button, font etc., on-screen constitute the UI, whereas the ease with which you complete your transaction comprises UX. 

While many use UI and UX interchangeably, as aspirants, you must understand the difference between them.  

Next, let’s explore the importance of selecting the right program for a rewarding career. 

Selecting a Program: Understanding Your Interests  

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Hundreds of courses today flock to the admission realm, each claiming to be the best for students. Similarly, every UI UX design institute claims to provide the best training and placement facilities for upcoming graphic designers.  

Nevertheless, students must understand their interests and match their abilities and requirements to their course of choice. Attending an admission counselling program best facilitates this interest and course alignment process.  

As students aspiring to make the most of their programs, you must understand the benefits of admission counselling. 

Benefits of Admission Counselling for UI UX Design Programs 

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Before exploring the benefits, let’s first understand that admission counselling is not mandatory. Students can seek enrolment in programs without participating in one. Nonetheless, admission counselling can be advantageous to students in several ways: 

  • Understanding Requirements: By expressing your requirements, connecting you to the best suitable program becomes much more manageable.  
  • Unfurling career options: With tremendous UX UI designer roles and responsibilities existing, selecting your preferences can be strenuous. Admission counselling can help you draft a list of specialisations you can pursue based on your interests. 
  • Curriculum comprehension: By providing insights into the curriculum, admission counselling can help you make a more informed decision.   
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: Expert counsellors can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and encourage you to proceed with the next step accordingly. 
  • Guidance in application preparation: Admission counsellors can be your best support in preparing a functional application and potential as a UI UX designer.  

Now that you understand the advantages of counselling, let’s explore what you must look for in a UI UX design program 

What to Look for in a UI UX Program 

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Creating your own UI/UX design roadmap can be much easier if you know what to look for in a program. So, before you consider enrolling in a program, try and look out for the following: 

  • Curriculum: Curriculum is among the most important factors of a design program. Analyse it to understand the objectives, instruction methods, assessment strategy, etc. 
  • Placement Opportunities: While your skills hugely determine the launch of your career, students must consider the previous opportunities provided on-campus.  
  • Projects and training: Consider the institute’s emphasis on industry-oriented projects and training for its students. These projects can help build your UI UX design portfolio. 
  • Faculty: An experienced faculty can help you lay the roadmap for and guide you towards an illustrious career.  
  • Networking opportunities: Besides developing your UI UX design skills, the program must also encourage networking with industry professionals. 

One place where students can find all these elements, and much more, together is at the JD School of Design. The B.Des. in Graphic Design is a much-sought course by UI UX aspirants in India.  

By grooming today’s designers for the future, JD School of Design offers aspirants a launchpad to take off a career in design. And if you are interested in joining the League of successful designers, let’s understand the process of admission.   

Admission Requirements for JD School of Design’s UI UX Course 

The admission process at JD School of Design starts with a screening process that assesses the IQ and EQ of candidates. This screening is essential to map the course with the career objectives of students and help them select the best program based on their interests. 

Further, admission counsellors would assist students in underlining their objectives and their interests in pursuing a UI UX design course. Besides these, candidates must also stay updated with the guidelines provided on the institute site to understand admission requirements. 

Final Words 

Students desiring enrolment in a UI/UX design program must understand their career objectives before selecting one. While admission counselling provides valuable insights into program comprehension, students can also personally analyse their requirements.  

Further, candidates aspiring to become full-fledged design professionals can consider the B.Des program at the JD School of Design. Here, besides gaining industry exposure and the necessary skills, you will also learn to question existing practices and improve upon them.  

So, if you love blending technology with creativity, this is your sign to enrol for the course today!