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Digital design is a form of visual communication that uses a digital interface to communicate data, a good or service, etc. Digital designs focus on creating designs tailored for particular devices while factoring in interactivity, user experience, and overall aesthetic balance. A career in digital design is promising as the digital design industry offers many career paths. UI/UX design is one of the most

The demand for pursuing a UI/UX design program is rising, with countless aspirants expressing interest. Also, with the growing demand for graphic designers, firms consistently seek talent to make applications user-friendly.  But aspirants usually ask, "How does one start an exciting career in this demanding field?" Further, should students attend counselling programs recommended by most courses before enrolling in a reputed UI UX program?   This

Every day, we as a society are knocking down information barriers by the second. Whether we are at home or on our phones, we have more access to the internet and all of its contents than ever before in human history. In just a few clicks, we can go from learning about the basics of quantum mechanics to reading about the latest celebrity