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An Inspiring Tour For Fashion Enthusiasts: JD Imagination Journey

When you’ll meet Dhyana Priya Gangadhar, if she knows you, she’ll come running to you. A compulsive hugger, who believes in broad smiles dancing out in the street. But apart from her usual cheerfulness and joyful behaviour, you’ll also notice a well-dressed youngster who knows what to wear when. That’s why her JD Imagination Journey has been one of a kind.

If you’ll ask the other learners who went for JD Imagination Journey, Dhyana’s style was impeccable. She was always dressed in trendy and presentable attires that vibe well with the European streets. “To be honest, I had not planned any outfits from here. Just took a few clothes from here and bought some there and styled them according to the weather and occasion,” said the budding designer when prompted about her bold styling.An Inspiring Tour For Fashion Enthusiasts: JD Imagination Journey

Dhyana during her trip also received huge praises for her outfits and the entire aura that she was carrying. Giving us a brief of her most praised attire that was a combo of red pants, black top and a bandana, she spoke, “That was also one of my favourite looks from the journey. As I am more towards street style, I love dressing up accordingly. That outfit received maximum praise and everyone appreciated it which made me more confident about my styling.”

The learners for the JD Imagination Journey hit the fashion capitals of the world and just like anyone, even Dhyana imbibed knowledge. Her journey has been very fascinating where she took inspiration from the streets of Paris and London to include it in her styling profession. She stated: “Paris was one of my dream destinations. A lot of inspiration was gained from its culture and people. The people there had their own style regardless of age, which really inspires me to dress fashionable.”

Towards the end of the journey, all the fashion enthusiasts presented their learning via a professional photoshoot. In the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design, fashion enthusiasts learnt about international styling and not only in the terms of fashion but flat lay, product styling and more.

Calling it one of the best experiences, Dhyana said, “I got to work with professional models and experienced industry professionals who gave a lot of useful information.” She also added, “I learned time management, discipline, teamwork and how to handle and act in certain situations. The entire training helped us gain in depth knowledge about our field.”    An Inspiring Tour For Fashion Enthusiasts: JD Imagination Journey

JD Imagination Journey has always been life altering to all the design enthusiasts. The educational tour takes the learners through a journey of exploration where they get to witness culture sharing and its impact on the fashion industry. Over the years, more than 500 students have visited different global colleges to learn the intricacies of Fashion Styling.

An Inspiring Tour For Fashion Enthusiasts: JD Imagination Journey

An Inspiring Tour For Fashion Enthusiasts: JD Imagination Journey