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The fashion industry is dynamic. Not ruled by the world’s rules, it flourishes on creativity, design, craft and imagination. In recent times, the fashion industry has become one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Indian fashion has tremendous potential as it takes inspiration from various different cultures and traditions around them. So do the opportunities for a career in fashion designing. However, most people think the space known for glitz and glamour is only for models and designers.

But it’s hardly the case. You can leverage alternate career paths of fashion designing to create a niche in the glamour world. The industry offers attractive career options with a sea of possibilities for anyone in love with fashion.

A Career in Fashion Designing in India

From idea curation to designing and implementation, learning all the aspects of fashion design can turn your career around. But is fashion designing a good career in India?

A simple answer is yes. According to Statista, the fashion segment in India may grow by 18.92%, resulting in a market volume of $33.11bn in 2025. The fashion designing scope and salary in India are promising. For starters, the fashion designer’s average salary in India is ₹ 430,000 per year, as quoted by Talent.com.

So, if you aspire to pursue a career in fashion designing in India, the time is now.

Read through the following fashion designing job opportunities to broaden your horizons and make it big in the industry.

1. Fashion Designer

The fashion designer career prospects are beyond imagination. We all know what fashion designers do. They are the trendsetters and creators who shape fashion for the future through their creative outlook. If you’re a person identifying yourself as a creative one, as someone who is likely to come up with out-of-the-box ideas, designing is the perfect role for you.

You can work for established brands or start your entrepreneurship journey and launch a fashion label. Becoming a fashion designer in India isn’t a breeze. However, if you succeed, you can work with renowned designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Masaba Gupta. Moreover, you can score a handsome fashion designing job salary.

2. Fashion Stylist

Creating design is the soul of fashion design; presenting it is equally essential. It’s where a fashion stylist comes to the rescue. When it comes to pursuing career options in fashion designing, it’s one of the most exciting and challenging work descriptions.

Stylists work with the makeup, dress code, hairstyle, etc., of the models participating in fashion shows. They put together the entire look, ensuring their outfits look presentable and appealing.

3. Fashion Merchandiser

The power of fashion design is not limited to the design world. Most individuals think of a fashion brand and link it to a designer. However, behind the curtains, fashion merchandisers play an integral part in influencing consumers to buy the latest trends.

They use their forecasting abilities, work closely with designers and buyers and plan the stock merchandise for end users. So, If you’re interested in marketing and business management and love fashion, then merchandising is the route for you.

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4. Fashion Journalist

If you have a knack for writing and reading about fashion, it’s the best career option. Fashion journalists write articles and report about the latest trends, events and the latest happening in the fashion world. You can write stirring stories about the fashion industry for a magazine or newspaper.

For this, you need to dip your toes into the current and past fashion trends. Also, getting in touch with the news of the global fashion business milieu would help.

5. Fashion Illustrator

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What better way to look at fashion through the eyes of an illustrator? Like sketching artists, they draw their dreams on paper. As an illustrator, you get to work with the transient emotions that come with the initial impact of a look, design and final show.

Fashion illustration includes the art of drawing, painting or sketching fashion concepts, outfit ideas, and industry figures. They give life to the designs through sketches. Hence, the fashion industry looks for visionary minds specialising in replicating design sensibilities effectively and creating illustrations ahead of its production.

If you are good at illustrating ideas, there are several career opportunities in fashion designing for your work. Read more about the perks of being a fashion illustrator!

6.Textile Designer

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Textile designers create magic with weaves and fabrics. They generate original ideas for materials and develop designs for special needs and situations. Textile designers collaborate with design squads, fashion houses, fabric manufacturers, retailers, and buyers.

They learn and acquire the skills to understand intricate hand-made and machine-made fabrics. Again innovative designs are the base for textile designing. If you get intrigued by the feel of texture, quality of cloth, and vibrant colours, suitable designing courses can help unshackle your creativity and expand your design perspective further.


Fashion designing is a way of self-expression. Every piece you create or work with should tell a story. The whole industry tags at the heart of a person’s creativity and keeps reinventing itself. Hence, whatever domain you choose to dive deep into, you will never witness a dull day in this industry. Moreover, the scope of fashion designing in India is limitless.

While fashion strives on the passion for art, it is also a demanding business. Take advantage of the comprehensive fashion and design courses from the JD School of Design to light up your career in fashion designing.