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Baby Jewellery Infant accessories as Keepsake (1)

Baby jewellery is thoughtful touch. It can act as an accessory during the nascent stages and can then be kept as a keepsake for when the baby is all grown up. Jewellery need not always be worn as a gift, especially the young ones, these are usually crafted and gifted with certain sentimental values and memories attached to it.

Baby Jewellery Infant accessories as Keepsake

Baby Jewellery

By “Baby jewellery,” the first image that crops up is that of tiny bracelets: a safest item of adornment for infants that one can never go wrong with. A number of baby bracelets tend to come with letter-blocks that spells out the name of the baby. Whereas some baby bracelets double as toys as well, and some charms have rattles and colourful beads that can easily pique the baby’s interest.

Baby Jewellery Infant accessories as Keepsake (1)Though baby jewellery looks cute and fun to use, mothers are skeptical and concerned. Since the child is too young mothers would usually worry about jewellery being so close to their young ones that it could be hazardous. Especially among teething babies who tend to want to bite or chew or put the bracelets into their mouths. Also, there is a fear of the baby swallowing the charms, either the item itself, or bits of it which could possibly come off. The other factor that mothers are concerned about the effect of silver, gold, and certain plastics which could be bad for the baby’s skin.

Here are some facts that can bust some concerns surrounding baby jewellery. The jewellery crafted for babies is essentially hypoallergenic. This ensures that the baby’s extremely delicate skin is not irritable. The charms that come with baby jewellery are typically woven tightly so that there is no danger of it coming off or falling apart even if the baby is teething. Infant jewellery also comes with safety clasps, pin latches and sharp clasps are a big no-no.

Baby Jewellery Infant accessories as Keepsake (1)

Baby Teether Necklace

The infant may not really understand about jewellery, it is ideally gifted by relatives or parents. However, toddlers, who can understand may enjoy sporting jewellery, especially the ones who can play with and show off to other toddlers.

Baby Jewellery is ideally bright, shiny, fun and visually quite stimulating and attractive. Not only is it an adornment it is something they can enjoy, and it will act as a reminder of their earlier stages. Baby jewellery is interesting and is a market that can be explored. As students of jewellery designing one should be well-versed with different types of jewellery. Knowledge and technical know-how can be gained by enrolling in a comprehensive course like a 1-year Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design offered at well-known jewellery designing institutes in Bangalore.