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Basic Makeup For Men

Makeup is gender-neutral and now is the high time to acknowledge it. Men are equally rightful to use makeup and follow basic skincare routines as much as another gender. It is no object of shame and every guy should embrace it with an open heart. The right makeup also accentuates your entire look and gives an edge to you along with complimenting your attire.

However, many individuals still see makeup with a gender-lens on. In reality, many men be it the actors, directors, businessman, sportsperson, and more, all go for certain makeup essentials to shapen their features and look presentable. And that’s why we keep repeating that men should also embrace makeup and not oversee it as girl’s adorn.

But whether you are into makeup or not, here are a few makeup essentials that should be there with every man.

1. Moisturizer:

Moisturizer is a must for everyone. It not only should be there in your makeup kit but be a part of your daily skincare routine. Moisturizer helps in replenishing your skin and gives you a glowy look. It also helps in forming a base for easy foundation blending without making your skin look chappy.Basic Makeup For Men

2. Concealer:

As men usually do not pay much attention to their skin, breakouts and dark spots are frequent and more prominent in them. Do use a concealer to give your skin a clean and even finish. Always test and match it with your shade and then buy it. Don’t use the concealer of any shade that is not going according to your skin tone. It would give you a dull or over white look.

3. Foundation:

Foundation is a must for any makeup. Test your foundation and then buy it. Go for the real skin shade rather than going a shade light or dark as it might give off a greyish tone. Also, blend your foundation well, it helps in even finish. Also, don’t overuse the foundation or apply it on dry skin or you’ll get a cakey appearance.  Basic Makeup For Men

4. Contour Kit:

Contouring helps in giving a structure to your face and helps you in highlighting certain features. Get a good contour kit and try applying it evenly to give yourself a sharp look. Moreover, you also use a highlighter to accentuate a certain parts of your face.

5. Brow and Facial Hair Filler:

Not all of us are blessed with perfect brows and hairlines. But makeup can always help you achieve a good shape. Go for eyebrow fillers and fill in the slight gaps with small strokes. Do not colour it out. Give a good and even shape to both your eyebrows. Well groomed eyebrows give a fresh and youthful look. Moreover even for your hairline and facial hair, you can go for filler to give your face a good structure.   Basic Makeup For Men

6. Finish Powder:

Always use the finish powder. It gives you a fresh and natural look. Finish powder helps in keeping the oil at bay and effectively conceals the blemishes along with giving a bright look to the skin.

Makeup Industry is witnessing a paradigm shift with more and more men opting for cosmetic products even for their daily use. Moreover, makeup helps in highlighting your features and a well learned makeup artist with the intricate knowledge works on it. The Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry at JD Institute of Fashion Technology teaches the students about professional makeup that is seen on different media platforms.